The 2014 Werner Soul Stand Up Paddle

The 2014 Werner Soul Stand Up Paddle

At first glance, the 2014 Werner Soul appears to be just another fiberglass paddle in the upper $200 range. Upon closer inspection, you'll realize that this paddle is MUCH, MUCH more than that. We were pleasantly surprised when we learned about all of the new technology that went into it. The new Werner Soul is a fiberglass - foam core stand up paddle, that's as light as it is smooth. It's buttery smooth because it has the same blade shape as it's older brother, The Nitro. It also has the same performance core foam as the Nitro, but costs a bit less because it is built out of fiberglass instead of carbon fiber. Basically, this paddle offers all of the features of a carbon foam core paddle (that typically costs a lot more) for less money. Here is a quick summary on all of cool features that are built into this paddle:




  • AVAILABLE IN 3 BLADE SIZES (SMALL, MED, LARGE): This year, Werner is changing things up a bit, and making their SUP paddles in 3 sizes. Smaller SUP'ers, and people that like higher cadence paddling will like the small blade. The medium size will probably be the most popular, and is the same size as last years Carve and Nitro. The large blade is for larger, or more powerful paddlers, and has more bite to it.
  • GREAT BLADE SHAPE: The Werner Tonga Carve, Soul and Nitro all have the same blade shape. This is a GREAT THING. The paddler enters the water smoothly, has very little flutter and release's with ease. What's new for 2014 is that you now have the choice to have this tried and true shape in either plastic, fiberglass, fiberglass foam core or carbon foam core.
    Werner_Paddles_Soul_SUP_Paddle_Nitro_Soul_Carve The carbon foam core Nitro, fiberglass foam core Soul and fiberglass Carve all have the same blade shape. It's up to you to choose the blade material (foam core or non) and blade size. Thanks Werner!
  • THE FOAM CORE BLADE IS BUOYANT, SMOOTH AND STIFF:In case you didn't know, foam core blades are where it's at. You will be able to tell the difference the second that you paddle it. Besides having a smooth, buttery feeling in the water, the Soul is very durable because the blade is constructed of Werner's premium fiberglass with Dynell edging.
    Werner_Paddles_Soul_SUP_Paddle_Dihedreal. The dihedral that Werner incorporates into this blade (and the foam core) creates an incredibly smooth paddle stroke.
    Werner_Paddles_Soul_SUP_Paddle_Dynell Foam core with Dynell edging. The buoyant blade feels smoother in the water than a standard blade, and the Dynell is extremely durable for pushing off of rocks and obstacles.
  • PADDLE HAS AN INCREDIBLY LIGHT SWING WEIGHT: This paddle feels noticeably lighter than all other fiberglass blades that we sell here at CKS. At 19.5 OZ's, it only 3 ounces heavier than the Nitro, which is one of the lightest stand up paddles on the market. That's not bad considering the Soul has a fiberglass shaft and blade.
  • MADE IN THE USA: As with all Werner paddles, the Soul is made with pride in Sultan, WA USA. Besides purchasing a paddle built with a very high level of construction, you are also buying something backed by Werner's awesome customer service. They have multiple tech reps available 5 days a week during standard business hours. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or warranty issue - they are available to help you out anytime.
  • FIBERGLASS BLADE CONSTRUCTION SAVES YOU MONEY AND IS DURABLE: The Soul has all of the benefits of carbon foam core paddles, but costs $40 less. The difference between the 2 paddles is not really that noticeable (3 OZ.), so if you are looking for a deal on a high end, foam core blade, that also happens to be very durable, the 2014 Werner Soul is the paddle for you. Under $300 for made is the USA goodness!Werner_Paddles_Soul_SUP_Paddle_Comparison_Thickness


  • STILL FAIRLY EXPENSIVE:The Werner Soul 1 piece comes in at just under $270. This is not a cheap SUP blade, but it still costs much less than other carbon foam core paddles on the market (they are generally $300-$500+). If you really like the blade shape of the Soul, and want to save even more money, check out the Werner Tonga - it's a plastic / fiberglass infused version of the same paddle.
  • ONLY $40 LESS THAN FULL CARBON VERSION: The Soul is only $40 less than the real deal carbon Nitro. For only $40 more you can get a full carbon shaft, carbon palm grip and carbon foam core blades. Carbon fiber is stiffer and lighter than fiberglass. If you want the best of the best, shelling out $40 more may be worth it.Werner_Paddles_Soul_SUP_Paddle_Nitro_Comparison


The 2014 Werner Soul is probably the most well received of all of the new Werner SUP blades. The concept of fiberglass foam core construction is a novel idea, and makes sense for a lot of reasons. It is VERY light, smooth, durable and priced competitively. At under $270, the Soul is much less expensive than comparable paddles from other brands. Seeing that the Nitro, is probably the overall best SUP paddle that we have ever sold, we have no reason to believe that the Soul will disappoint us.

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