5 Things You Didn't Know You Needed for your Raft

Outfitting your raft with the right gear is an art form. The 5 products featured here are sometimes overlooked but really make a big difference in your raft home once you have them secured.

Down River Raft King Sling
Gifts for Rafters King Sling Perfect for those who like to take
longer river trips. The king sling
will contain all the drybags and
extra gear in one place behind
the captain’s seat. The King Sling
also doubles as a great platform
for on-the-river photoshoots or
for a furry friend to sleep on.
AIRE Thwart Handle
Gifts for rafters Thwart Handle Wanna send it like the YAW
boys? Get a thwart handle for
your AIRE paddle craft. The
handle will prevent ejections and
subsequent big swims from
happening when going over
steeps and drops.
Down River All In One Bag
Gifts for Rafters Down River Equipment All In One Bag This piece of gear is super
versatile. It can be used as a drag
bag, or as a container for any
litter you might come across in
your local waterways (trust us, it
does happen). The mesh is burly
and sturdy and can hold up
getting thrashed around on any
type of river trip while staying
securely on your boat.

NRS Mesh Drag Bag
Gifts for Rafters NRS Drag Bag Why buy a beer cooler
when you can just buy
a drag bag?
RiverMaps Guide Books
Gifts for Rafters RiverMaps Guides If you aren’t investing in RiverMaps,
are you truly a river person?
Seriously, these maps are the best
and a must for any notable river trip
west of the Mississippi. They feature
USGS topographic maps with river
features, camp sites, side hikes and
historic and geographic information.
They're informative, entertaining, and
durable (waterproof) for all adventures
they make maps for.

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