7 Cool Items For Any Paddler - CKS Holiday Shopping Guide

1.The Astral Brewer


The Brewer is one of the most innovative river / lifestyle shoes that we have ever sold. With a clean, progressive, minimalist design, and true hybrid functionality, this may be the only shoe in our inventory that is truly as good in the water, as it is on land. Because of it's low profile architecture, the Brewer is able to fit in many play boats, run a 5K race, and then go out for a night on the town. For a complete rundown on all of the awesome features built into this shoe, click here to read a detailed product review.

2.The GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition

Go_Pro Hero 3 Silver Edition

"If you didn't film it with your GoPro, then it didn't really happen". Right? The resolution on this beast of a POV cam in outrageously good. Even the still frame shot quality is right up there with the best waterproof cameras. The new Silver edition is priced to sell, SUPER easy to use, and comes with loads of features that any outdoor recreationalist will love. Think of the GoPro as the iPod of the outdoor adventure sports world - everybody needs one.

3.Jackson Kayak Cuda 12

Who knew that Jackson Kayak would release a series of fishing boats that were every bit as cool as their world class whitewater kayaks? The Coosa, Cuda and Big Tuna have very quickly found their niche in the kayak angling world. The new for 2013 Cuda 12 combines the same features found on the Cuda 14, but in a compact size. It still has more hull speed than the Coosa. This boat is 12 feet of lean, mean river bassin' machine. There are literally too many features to list in this brief review - some of the highlights include integrated GoPro mounts, the Hi-Lo removable camp chair seat, multiple rod holders and stagers, locking hatches, and a flag on the stern, so you can legally toss the Cuda in the bed of your pickup (hanging out by a few feet) and drive it on public roads. Smart thinking Jackson!

4.FCS M5 Softflex Tri Fin Set

FCS M5 Softflex Tri Fin Set

River SUP is here to stay. What was once considered a fringe sport, reserved only for misplaced beach bums, is now every bit as mainstream as whitewater kayaking. River surfing technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. One issue that many riparian surfers have been running (or surfing) into is breaking fins and fin boxes on river rocks. Some of the best river surf features are found on shallow runs and play parks. FCS, one of the worlds leading surf fin manufacturers, makes the M5 Softflex Tri Fin Set, which is a high performance 4.5" tri fin set that is compatible with any FCS fin box. This means that you can bring your 8' ocean going, wave shredding SUP or surf board to the river, and have one less thing to worry about. Not only will the fins not pop off when they hit a rock, they will also dissipate the energy transmitted into the fin (from the rock) and keep your fin box intact. No more costly ding repair! This fin is great on shallow reef breaks in the ocean as well.

5.Wave Sport Recon


Wave Sport deserves props for creating this boat. Besides having an all new hull, it also comes with entirely redesigned outfitting, including a very unique leg lifter that will provide added control for precision creeking. The Recon's hull also uses some cool technology. With a buttery smooth dome shaped bottom, and raised edge on the sidewall, this modern era steep creeker will be able to slide over manky rock jumbles and slides, yet find control when the edge is laid down - the best of both worlds. Add 93 gallons to the mix, and you've got a winner. Click here to read more about the 2013 Wave Sport Recon.

6.C4 Waterman Wahine Cruiser

The C4 waterman Wahine cruiser is an example of modern technology and flawless design, fused together into a damn good looking board. At 10'10" long, and just under 30" wide, populations ranging from women and children, to heavy adults can have a good time paddling flat water, deep rivers and surfing. Similar to many whitewater boats, the Wahine has a hybrid hull design. The nose has a displacement v shape, which will pierce through chop, and the mid point of the board and tail (block shape) have a planing shape, which will allow the board to surf well. The deck is slightly concave which lowers the paddlers center of gravity, ultimately creating more stability - which is something that any SUP'er will like. Last, but certainly not least, the Wahine weighs in at 24 lbs; not bad for a board of this size.

7.IR Union Suit


What's the 1 best piece of kayak gear; the ONE item that every paddler has in their gear bag? If you asked this question to 100 kayakers, odds are pretty good that the IR Union Suit will rank very high on the list. Besides keeping you warm and comfortable inside of a dry suit, the Union Suit is also a favorite with skiers, winter campers, and people who want to sleep warm at night. If you are looking for a gift for someone who kayaks, and are not sure what to get them - you cannot go wrong with a Union Suit.

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