Atom Crawford Reviews The Dagger Nomad 8.5

For the record, I have tried alot of creekboats, all of them in fact. I'm not sponsored (cause I suck at running the Stout), so the benefit of that is that I can paddle whatever I want. Being so tall and skinny, it is an ongoing dilemma on what boat is gonna fit me best. Can't LL just make a bigger Grande? Anyway, I used to paddle a Nomad years ago and really liked it. Then a bunch of new creekers came out and I gave in to the craze of the new and better craze. So once again, long story short, I went into CKS this Spring all frustrated about creek boats and on a impulse pulled down a new 2009 Nomad and sat in it. WHOOOAA! it fit like a glove. I couldn't believe it. Dagger redesigned the seat so that the rear of the boat is more accessible to gear, this gave me a bit more room for my legs. They now have a nice racheting backband, way better than the flip thing they had before. The thigh hooks don't flex at all, bonus for me. It felt roomier than the old version for some reason. I bought it, boated it and really like it. Just like I did years ago. Felt like an old flame that you just reunited with after years apart......



  • Easier access to the stern than before
  • Ratcheting backband is super nice
  • Step out pillar is solid
  • My old skirts fit
  • Cheaper price than other creek boats
  • Proven design-been out forever and no new design from dagger yet


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