A Taste of the Badfish 6'11 River Surfer

This fall I was fortunate enough to spend a few weeks at the Gauley River. After a few weeks of playboating my brains out, it was time to break out the SUP board and get on a few of the classic gauley playspots. During a high release day, Haley Mills and a crew from the put in campground headed down to Koontz Flume Rapid for a little park and play surfing. With the water level at 4700, this was the perfect place to test out the Badfish River surfer in a rowdy wave/hole and see what it could do. Here is a short video highlighting what the Badfish River Surfer can do on the river.

Hope you enjoyed and if you get the chance to test one of these out on the river, you will love it,

Mike T

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