BC Magical Mystery Tour
At the boundaries of BC lies a run close to the hearts of expedition paddlers. A run with bountiful vistas, top notch whitewater, sandy beached camp sites, and within unspoiled wilderness. If you happen to find yourself in the region in late summer to early fall I highly recomend you pursue this gem as its unlikely to dissapoint and will keep you coming back for more unless you choose to say ignore an unfavorable weather forecast...If you do pursue this mythical adventure you may see something like the following.

Every good adventure starts with a plane ride.

Eye on the prize

Landing zone spotted. Passengers please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for arrival. Its gonna be one sweet ride.

Its not SUP but I'd still call it fun
Landscape evolution in process.

Tough scenery I know
Rember kids kayaking is supposed to be fun

Don't forget to find the kayaker.

Boofs are a plenty on this gem

Boofing through to the other side. Have you seen a trend here?
So there you have it. Go get sum...

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