Boardworks Badfish MCIT Review with Aaron and Matthew Koch

Boardworks Badfish MCIT Review with Aaron and Matthew Koch

My brother and I took the MCIT for a spin on our local class 2 creek and found it to be a great SUP vehicle. I used it for several bomb drops, which I couldn't do with the heavy plastic boards, and it rocked! 6 foot drop??? No problemo. Lateral stability is excellent, surfs like a long board..slow wide turns! Very rigid and the side tubes fill up pretty rigid too. Don't worry, you can still fall of this board, so whitewater will be a challenge;just a little more do-able!The MCIT is going to open up a lot of possibilities for running harder whitewater on a Stand up board. Congrats to Badfish and Boardworks for creating this exciting new board.
SUP'ers can splat rocks too.
Micro surf on the MCIT
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