BV Pro Rodeo 09

I’m a little late, but thought I should say something about the BV Pro Rodeo. This year the rodeo was the same weekend as paddlefest. That meant lots of people, events, clinics through RMOC, good sales and a gear swap. It’s a great kickoff to the season so check it next year.

Anyway, back to the competition. I practiced for 5 days in Buena Vista before the prelims on Friday. I was paddling decent but I didn’t feel ready to compete because I had just had 9 months off kayaking while I was attending school in Wisconsin.

In competition I hit mcnastys, loops, space godzillas, and a backloop. They were good rides, but not quite good enough. I placed 6th and just missing the cut for finals. Being on the bubble is hard but especially because I was 6th last year to. Hopefully next year...

These are the results as far as I remember.

1. Nick Troutman

2. Eric Jackson

3. Steven Wright

4. Dustin Urban

5. Andrew Holcomb

6. Greg Parker

7. Jed Selby

8. Jason Craig

Jed Selby Blunts

Dustin Urban Loops

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