Cascade Idaho (way late)
This year my brother and I got to take a trip out to Cascade, Idaho for the Kelly's Whitewater event as well as the USACk national freestyle event. We went for my brother more but I tagged along for the ride. It took us two days to get there. And we stopped in Boise to see the blue field.

We got there and got our hotel room which was about a block away from the whitwater park and pretty much everyone was staying there in a room, or in a tent. I got my gear unloaded and headed over to the park. The water was so warm! The feature was nice and easy, besides the one up above which had a good wave on river left, but a pretty meaty hole on the right. The girls and cadets got to have the competiton in the friendly hole and everyone else was up above.
I have been working on loops all year and was hoping to pull one off in the competion, but that didn't happen. I was bummed, but every competition I get super nervous and nothing seems to come togther. Though every comeption I always had people giving me tips on what I should do better. (Thanks guys!) I ended up placing second out of three in the cadets. The whole trip was a blast! It was great to hang out with everyone. The lodge had a pretty awsome game room! I met new people and was able to paddle in the warmest water Iv'e ever paddled in.

My brother didn't place so well in the KWP event, but ended up second in the point series behind Dane Jackson. We watched Halo Effect and hung out before heading home the next day. Definintly one of the best trips of the summer for freestyle!

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