CKS Customer Review - The Fluid Solo with Lenny Layman

The Fluid Solo with Lenny Layman

Name: Lenny Layman Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado Favorite River(s): Poudre, Ark, Colorado Height: 5’11’’ Weight: 155 Ability level: Intermediate (Class IV) Days spent on the H20 per year: 80+ Favorite food: Chips & Salsa What’s the first song on your favorite iPod playlist: Gonna Fly Now - theme to the "Rocky" Movie Intro: I started kayaking in early 1997 but I got out of the sport 5 years later to start a business. I decided it was time and picked it back up last year, Spring 2010. I boated all of last year in a small Pyranha Burn with a good friend running a Fluid Solo. The Fluid Solo has a great mix of planning hull and displacement, leaning slightly more towards a displacement hull. The Burn, also with a good mix of planning and displacement, leans slightly more towards a planning hull. This slight difference gives the Solo a bit more stability, while still maintaining a slight “edge” with an amazing secondary stability. I feel like the overall design, outfitting and the plastic used on the Fluid Solo is superior, so I purchased myself a medium Fluid Solo this winter and have had it on the river a few times.


  • Greater stability, predictability and rolls super easy
  • The new MOD3 Outfitting is awesome, solid design with increased safety features and aggressive knee braces
  • Extremely comfortable and easy to properly outfit
  • Soft rails give this boat a great feel with speed and control


  • Less carving then a planning hull, but this is a trade-off for increased stability and predictability

The Verdict:

I enjoy self-supported trips, steeper technical creeks and a boat I can enjoy some mellow Class III while boating with my best boating partner, Penny - my wife. I do not consider myself much of a play boater and have been looking for a single boat for all of my needs. The Fluid Solo is that perfect all-around boat for me. Plenty of room for self-supported trips, stability and predictability for the more technical drops and still short enough to get on some Class III waves, at least with a front surf or a flat spin. I believe this boat will allow my skills to properly progress while I push myself to run some harder Class IV and V drops while in a boat that is predictable, fast and comfortable. I’m way excited for a full season in my new Fluid Solo to see what we can fully do together.

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