Sweet Rocker Fullface Whitewater Kayak Helmet Review by Darin Kellum

Note: All events in this blog review have been verified for accuracy by Darin "DK" Kellum that they either may or may not have actually happened.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wake up, knowing absolutely nothing? There I was, looking into the clear blue sky, 9,800 ft above sea level, starring down a whistle pig about to pounce on my head. Fortunately for me, I had on my Sweet Rocker Fullface.

I was portaging a 70 footer that landed on the rocks, and about 1/3 of the way around, I lost my footing and soon felt gravity gaining control of my descent. About 30 cartwheels and 60 vertical feet later, I found myself rolled up into the well of a tree, starring straight into the eyes of a whistle pig. Without hesitation, the varmint jumped me. He did a complete ‘Tasmanian devil’ on my head, scratching and clawing the whole time until I felt a huge ‘Whopp!’ My kayak had a much slower descent than myself, but luckily when it landed on my head, it took out the whistle pig too!

The Sweet Full Face Rocker saved my life that day, three times. I fell 60 vertical feet down the side of a mountain, was mauled by a rabid wild crazy whistle pig, and then had a 40 lbs kayak land straight on my head! They say that things happen in three’s. Thank goodness for me, it only took one Sweet Rocker Fullface helmet to protect me from three head trauma’s in the matter of 30 seconds.

POV DK Hucking Crystal Mill Falls from Natalie Kellum on Vimeo.

Here's some POV helmet cam footage of DK running Crystal Mill Falls. There is unfortunately no footage of the whistle pig thrashing.

Here's another video of DK from The Big South (Fantasy Flight). There is no whistle pig in this video either.

BOOF! from Natalie Kellum on Vimeo.

The Rocker makes a great ski helmet too. If your going to spend $400 on a lid, you might as well get 2 seasons of use out of it instead of 1.

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