Having Fun With The Wave Sport Ethos Ten, A Comfortable Crossover Kayak

CKS In House Review of the Wave Sport Ethos Ten

The Wave Sport Ethos Ten it a new crossover kayak from Confluence. This boat could be a quiver killer if you are looking to take on mild stretches of whitewater, but also cruise flat water in style. The Wave Sport Ethos can be used for self supported overnight trips from your local river run, to the Grand Canyon. The Break Down. Here are some of the key features of this boat. To start with, it comes in both a nine and ten foot length. The ten being made for larger paddlers who want to haul gear as well. The plushest feature of this boat in Wave Sport Ethos Ten is the CORE white out outfitting. It has one of the most adjustable and comfortable seats in the industry. The leg lifter function being a great addition for creating a custom and snug fit. Unlike some boats in the crossover category The Ethos also features a true whitewater foot bulkhead. This creates a comfortable and customizable fit that feels much better than foot pegs. Wave_sport_Ethos_Review_cockpit The Wave Sport Ethos Ten is equipped with a rear bulkhead for easy access and storage of gear. Though this has a good seal, we still recommend that all gear in the bulkhead be put in a dry bag. No one wants a damp sleeping bag. Also notice due to the bulkhead, this changes the location of your drain plug to the side right behind the cockpit. Wave_sport_Ethos_Review_cockpit The skeg is probably the most dynamic feature on this boat. You can easily raise or drop the skeg while paddling by reaching behind you and pulling on a cord. Either release the cord to drop the skeg for flat water, or cleat it to allow quick maneuverability in the whitewater. Make sure its up during technical sections as it impedes the ability to quickly eddy out. The skeg is spring loaded so if you hit it while it is down it will go into the hull and then pop back out. Wave_sport_Ethos_Review_cockpit The Hull of the boat is more akin to a traditional river runner than it is a recreational kayak. It does not have a keel like a flat water boat but does have a slightly rounded bottom. This gives the boat good maneuverability while still tracking fairly well with the skeg up. They really did create a hull that runs the river as well as it tracks on flat water. Wave_Sport_Ethos_Hull_Speed_And_Edge All in all the Wave Sport Ethos is exactly as it is labeled its good at both rivers and flat water, but it will not be the best at either. So if you are looking at one versatile boat this is it just don’t try taking it down Gore Canyon.


  • Quick handling in the fast water
  • Forgiving Hull
  • Easy Rolling
  • Great color selection
  • FAST!!!!!!
  • Comfortable outfitting for longer trips
  • Easy access for rear storage
  • Skeg makes a lot of difference


  • Heavier than the average river runner.
  • Length will affect handling in quick move scenarios
  • If its your only white water boat, it will be a little bit harder to paddle rapids above class III.


After paddling this boat for a day I have found it to be a stable and versatile boat with plenty of space for storage. I highly recommend the Wave Sport Ethos to any paddler looking for a river touring boat that is also comfortable for moderate whitewater.

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