Durango Creeking
Last week a group of us went to Durango to kayak some creeks and hang out during the Animas River Days. I had been on creeking missions to Durango in previous seasons and had already paddled a bunch of the rivers, so I was stoked to have the opportunity to paddle 3 creeks I had never been on before.

Scouting Miller's Falls at the take out of Crystal Gorge
Impressive... But, not necessarily runnable

Isaac Levinson and Jared Seiler at the put-in for Pandora's Box on the Animas River

Entering the 'Plunger'

It's an incredibly beautiful and intimidating section of river.
Fortunately I had some excellent guides who had paddled it numerous times before so I knew the lines for the first 4 drops before even entering the gorge.

A couple of days later we hiked in to the 2nd Gorge of Lime Creek.
We spent a solid hour and a half hiking in for about 5 drops, but it was definitely worth it.
Check out the video Dave put together.
(No, it is not fun to fall in a creek with your kayak strapped to your back.)

2nd Gorge of Lime Creek from David Fusilli on Vimeo.

Isaac Levinson running 'Deep Throat' with Geoff Calhoun waiting in the eddy above.

Jared Seiler on 'Viagra'

Connor Finney 'Viagra'

Next we paddled the Colorado classic Vallecito 3 times in a row
Entrance Falls

Dave boofing the 'Fuzzy Bunny'

Another impressive gorge

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