Endless SUP Summer: Win The Ultimate Boardworks Badfish Inflatable SUP Package!

Win a FREE $2350 Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP Package!

If money were no object, and you could build your very own dream inflatable SUP package, what items would it contain? Which board would you choose? What about a paddle? This is the job that we were "burdened" with when creating the Endless SUP Summer sweepstakes. It was a unanimous decision that The Badfish MCIT and Re-leash would be the inflatable SUP acting as the crux of the entire package. Now that we had the board out of the way, adding a suitable accessory package was an easy job. A Sweet Strutter and Shambala Shorts seemed like the perfect match. Everyone likes a little bit of Norwegian carbon right? Well, we do at least...Deciding on a paddle was also an easy decision. The new 2012 Werner Stinger 3 piece breakdown is a river specific stand up paddle that will surely dominate the river SUP scene as soon as it is released. On the footwear front, The Astral Brewer's came out of the gate swingin'. More importantly, Astral backed all of their surrounding hype with an ultra light, hybrid river shoe that ABSOLUTELY lives up to their stout reputation. They are BAD ASS! We're already sold out if that is any inclination of how good they are. As far as PFD's go, the NRS Ninja is as simple and clean as it gets. It's the type of jacket that you forget that you are wearing. And last, we chose the Kokatat SunCore Long Sleeve as the top layer of choice. When we thought of the best brand of SUP / Paddlepsorts layering, Kokatat was the first company that came to mind. Click on the image below to sign up. Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_Sweeps_Prize


Here are some more details on the prizes that are included in this package:

  • BADFISH MCIT - $1399.95
    Yellow_Badfish_MCIT The Badfish MCIT is one of the most stable, maneuverable and well rounded SUP's on the market today. It is also one of the most popular inflatable stand up paddle boards that we have ever stocked.
  • BADFISH RE-LEASH - $60.00
    The Badfish Re-leash is an innovative leash that has an emphasis on ergonomics, performance and safety. Why not have the best?
    WERNER_STINGER The Stinger is a river SUP specific blade that has technological advancements to give you more precision and power on the river.
    strutter-bird_blue Combining superior fit, protection and mad style, the Sweet Strutter is the SUP paddlers helmet of choice.
    shambala-paddle-shorts These neoprene lined shorts have all the protection, style and comfort that you will need for a day on the wave or river.
    mensbrewerblk-lime.jpg "Game Changer" is an often over used term. The Astral Brewers may actually live up to the catch phrase. They are super light, look cooler than any skate shoe out there, and will protect your feet on V+ rapids, or on a SUP.
  • NRS NINJA PFD $129.95
    ninjared_web The NRS Ninja has a very high float to mobility ratio, which is often a rarity in the world of life jackets. It's the perfect vest for a day on the board.
    Think of the SunCore as a Paddlesports specific rash guard, with technology and quality on it's side. There's no Nylon in this top, which means that it will not absorb much water, ultimately keeping you drier.
So what do you think of this package? What are you waiting for? Sign up, because registration ends on October 10th...

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