Fav Photos of 2010 Part Deux

Couple weeks ago I posted round one of my favorite pics from last year here. The idea was to stoke the people but I got carried away with some commentary on the Zion Narrows and though the stoke was echem, uh stoked, it was also kind of a long and boring read that maybe detracted from the images. So now I shut up and let you check out the sensei's 2010 gallery part deux.

Luke Pennington heading into the meat of Boo Boo Falls,
Black Canyon of the Bear, Idaho

Doesn't that look inviting, Pipeline, Lochsa River, Idaho

Nick Wigston, Windscraper, NFLW, Wyoming

Kyle McCutchen, Striped Corner Shot, Poland Creek, AZ

Tom Janney, NFLW, Wyoming

Cody Howard, Sycamore Creek, AZ

Spencer Heights, mid-way through a High Poudre Triple Crown

KM, Big Dipper, Poland Creek, AZ

Kirk Eddelmon, Boofington Heights, NFLW

Leif Anderson, Poland Creek, AZ

Maybe not the best shot but important none the less,
Oliver Deschler committing to the Big South
at possibly the highest flow ever attempted

Spring has sprung. I just returned from a trip to the Pac Northwest and a return to Vantasy Island, so I'm fired up already, but hopefully for you desk jockeys out there these pics helped fire you up for the big water were about see over here in Rado. It's on.

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