Pyranha Kayaks 9R Large Review

The Pyranha Kayaks 9R Large Review

The Pyranha Kayaks 9R was first released in the early part of 2015 to a ton of hype. The boat only came in one size and had one purpose: to go fast. Fast forward to the end of the 2015 season and paddlers had began to realize that the 9R was far from a one trick pony. It excelled at many aspects of kayaking, from low-volume creeking to high-volume river running, though racing remained it's specialty. The boat was highly regarded by paddlers of all skill levels, but one complaint remained: the lack of a Large size. The original 9R (now known as the Medium size) was just too small for many boaters. Designers at Pyranha quickly went to work. The result was the 9R Large, which was released for retail in early 2016, also to a ton of hype.
pyranha_9R_Large_Creek Photo courtesy of Pyranha Kayaks Facebook page
Coming in at a stout 90 gallons (versus 78 in the Medium), the Large is a boat designed for paddlers ranging from 165 to 275 lbs. The 9R Large is not just a blown up 9R, it is its own boat entirely. Both boats come in at 8'11", perfect for the short boat class in any race. The Large is 1.5" wider and weighs 7 lbs more (50 versus 43). This is a big boat. It has plenty of volume to punch high volume holes or for overnight trips.
pyranha_9R_L_river_running Photo courtesy of Pyranha Kayaks Facebook page
The semi-planing hull is fast and incredibly responsive. Give the Pyranha Kayaks 9R Large a quick lean to either side, and it is obvious that the boat was designed for ultimate performance. It catches eddies and makes ferries with ease, making this the perfect boat to pick apart your local run. The heavily rockered bow and wave deflectors make boofing and keeping the bow on top of the water a breeze. A progressively rockered hull helps the boat carry its speed, which is especially noticeable when landing boofs.
Pyranha_9R_L_PNW Photo courtesy of Pyranha Kayaks Facebook page
All in all, the Pyranha Kayaks 9R Large is a sporty, versatile boat, that can creek, river run, and race with the best of them. It is a boat that rewards aggressive paddlers. While it may not be the most forgiving boat, it is a boat that will make paddlers work and improve their boating, while having a ton of fun. I am a big fan of this boat and would love to have one in my quiver. It is a do-it-all quiver killer and is definitely a boat that should be on the radar for anyone that is looking for a new creeker/river runner for 2016.

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