Fully Kitted: SUP Edition

If your favorite inflatable SUP lover is into whitewater paddling and a great time, they are going to want all these products, and who doesn't love new gear?

Sweet Protection Elbow Pads
 You've maybe heard
the joke that it’s not
really called stand up
paddleboarding, but
rather fall-down
paddleboarding. Get
your favorite paddler 
the protection he or
she needs before they
need it. Your elbow
isn’t stronger than
that rock, and
neither is theirs!

Gifts for Paddleboarders Sweet Protection Elbow Pads

Sweet Protection
Elbow Pads

Sweet Protection elblow Guards

Sweet Protection
Elbow Guards

Sweet Protection Knee Shin Pads

Gifts for Paddlers Sweet Protection Shin Pads

Sweet Protection
Knee Shin Pads
A quick(ish) story about my first time
river SUPing: It was early April and
I was cruising down the Yampa River
at a pretty good pace. I was having
a grand ole time until we got to a
confluence. A lateral wave knocked
me sideways. Instead of falling on
my board, I cartoonishly stumbled
backwards and eventually crashed
into the water, where a massive rock
was hiding under the surface.
This rock not-so-gently kissed the
thinnest, weakest part of my knee:
Big smooch straight on my kneecap.
Knee pads can save you thousands
of dollars in medical money and
hours and hours of PT time, kids.

Watershed Ocoee Duffel Dry Bag
Gifts for Paddleboarders Watershed Ocoee Dry Duffel
When I know I’ll be out for a
day-long paddle, I usually bring
my Watershed Ocoee with me.
I can fit my phone, extra layers,
a hat, sunscreen, and several
snacks easily inside this waterproof
bag. This bag fits easily on the
front of the board and is small
enough to not get in the way or
impact performance while on
the water. Carrying a drybag
with you is also a great way to
ensure you will have your keys
with you at the takeout. 

Level Six Odin/Freya Drysuit

The most affordable, high quality drysuit on the market. If you want to extend your SUPing season, you are going to need a drysuit - full stop. We really enjoy this particular drysuit because it’s front entry which means it’s easier to step in and out of.

Gifts for Paddleboarders Level Six Odin Drysuit Gifts for Paddleboarders Level Six Freya DrySuit
Level Six Odin Drysuit
Level Six Freya Women's Drysuit

Gerber EZ Out Rescue Knife

If you wear a leash, you must wear a knife. The EZ Out Knife is... easy. 

Hala 9" Stompfin

Replace your traditional Stompfin with a 9" Stompfin at the start of runoff season so you can track better in bigger water.

Grub Screws Set of 4 + Fin Key

It’s always helpful to have a set of these in your PFD in case you need to swap out a click fin quickly! 

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