Great Falls of the Potomac - Maryland Lines
The Great Falls section of the Potomac River is a unique type of water feature that offers up numerous creek boating lines, waterfalls and play spots at a huge variety of water levels. Here, the Potomac River forms the border between Maryland and Virginia. For waterfalls and creek lines, the commonly run sections of the falls include the Maryland lines (low-water), the Virginia lines (medium levels) and the Center lines (high water). On a recent trip home to the DC area I was lucky enough to get on both the Maryland and Virginia lines. This post shows photos and a video of the Maryland side. Virginia lines report coming up soon.... For more information about the play spots and downriver runs on the Potomac check out I'd like to give a huge thanks to Maggie Snowell and all the other local paddlers who showed me lines and loaned me boats! All Photos and video by Craig Campbell Chris Menges - Pummel, Great Falls, Potomac River, Maryland. Sequence at Pummel. Maggie Snowell leading through Pencil Sharpener, just downstream of Pummel. Chris in Pencil Sharpener Sequence at Pencil Sharpener Boofing the right side of Horshoe, which follows Pencil Sharpener. The hole is sticky. Sequence at Horshoe. Great Falls - MD Lines 22 & 24 October 2008 from Craig Campbell on Vimeo. Stay tuned for photos of the Virginia lines, coming up next at

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