Gunnison Whitewater Park
The Gunnison River Festival will be held this Saturday, August 16th. This years event promises to be better than ever due to a new and improved feature, better planning, bigger prizes and great events. For details on the festival, check out their website: Gunnison River Festival. The Gunnison River whitewater park features have been excellent this year! At 1700 cfs the bottom wave was truly world class, with a large, glassy steep green face and a big pile. Johnny Meyers was all aerial everything, helixes both ways, etc... Unfortunately we never got footage or pics at that level. But we have some pics for you at two levels. The first set of photos by John Peterson are of Chris Menges. These pics were taken at about 1450 cfs. The wave was fast and kinda steep with a goood pile - still pretty easy to stick tricks. The second set of photos by Chris Menges are of Johnny Meyers and a board surfer. The water level was about 1100 cfs. Johhny was going off as usual - check out the pics and make the call on the feature - it was totally fun but a bit harder to stick lots of tricks. The pile surges in and out. Chris Menges at 1450 CFS - a good perspective on the feature at this level. CM peeling on to the wave - easy to enter at this level, but requires some skill. CM bouncing the REV and getting ready to takeoff on a blunt. CM blunt setup on a rainy day in Gunnison. 1450 CFS. CM blunting. OK, ok, its a round house. shut up. CM carving the Rev in Gunny at 1450 cfs. The following photos of Johhny Meyers were taken at 1100 cfs. Photography: Chris Menges. J Meyers warming up - this shot offers a good perspective of the wave. Meyers bouncing.... ..and throwing a clean blunt... ...and sticking it! JM looking for the helix. Crested Butte board surfer peeling out on the wave... ...and carving heelside... ...and pretty much rockin it. There were more board surfers this day than kayakers. Nice closeup of Johhny Meyers blunting at 1100 cfs. Everyone should know there is a hole that forms behind the main wave that is pretty fun. The above and below shots show meyers enjoying this 'bonus feature' after getting flushed off the main wave. SEE YOU AT THE GUNNISON RIVER FESTIVAL!!!

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