Haley Mills Reviews The Wavesport Project X

The Project X is awesome! The design looks like a surf kayak and you really get that feeling when your flying down the face of a wave. Don't let the desgin fool you this boat still kicks some booty in a hole. I have been paddling the boat since September, and already my mcnasties and phonix monkeys are coming around easier because of the shorter stern and the slicey bow. The extra overall volume of the 48 feels easier to paddle rather than the 45 project because the volume it close to the body. Especially considering my height of 5 foot and weight of 105lbs I can still maneuver the boat really well.


  • The ends are slicey and easy to initiate the bow for down river tricks and cartwheeling in a feature.With extra volume in the knee area it increases comfort and allowing the body to have a more aggressive position for throwing the boat around.
  • This boat goes BIG on aireal tricks.
  • While carving on a wave the hull is wicked fast and accelerates down the face of the wave.
  • The boat is nice and bouncy on waves. I like how the edges and the side walls are concave are more aggressive than the project 45.
  • It back surfs easily.
  • I like how the length is shorter than my project 45 and it should make mcnasties easier. When I practice phonix monkeys the bow comes around faster because the slicey bow.
  • The Whiteout outfitting is softer and does not absorb as much water so it will not weight you down. The whiteout is impossible to get dirty and it looks sweet.
  • Cons

    • I am still looking for one.
    • You can order them now but you have to wait until after Christmas to unwrap your new Project X.

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