Inflatable SUP Review: The NRS Czar by Aaron Koch

NRS Czar Long Term Review

NRS has some great new SUP designs for 2013. One of them is the 9’6” NRS Czar paddleboard. The czar is inflatable with removable skegs, multiple attachment points and great river running ability. I have had the pleasure of paddling this board for a while, and I am impressed! NRS_Czar_Inflatable_Stand_Up_Paddleboard_Review_Stiffy The Czar is different from other inflatable SUP’s because it has a new 6 inch thick drop stitch. The picture above is with the board inflated to 12 PSI. It has a maximum inflation of 15 PSI! The thicker drop stitch gives this board a rigidity that I haven’t seen before. NRS_Czar_Inflatable_Stand_Up_Paddleboard_Review_Downriver_2 The Czar is 34” wide with a high volume tail and a nicely rockered nose. This board is a conventional surfboard design, but with the added width and high flotation, I’ve had no problems with running rapids up to class IV. NRS_Czar_Inflatable_Stand_Up_Paddleboard_Review_Board_Carry The Czar comes with a new and improved “Stomp Pad” . It runs nearly the width of the tail and holds your foot nice and tight for when you want to do those vertical moves. NRS_Czar_Inflatable_Stand_Up_Paddleboard_Review_SplatDCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRO I weigh 195 lbs and the Czar floats me better that any inflatable yet. I would imagine this boards maximum weight range to be around 250 lbs. NRS_Czar_Inflatable_Stand_Up_Paddleboard_Review_Surf The Czar come with a “thruster” skeg set-up. This means you can run three fins, one single fin in the back or twin fins, one on each side. This set-up gives you the chance to customize your ride and surfing style! NRS_Czar_Inflatable_Stand_Up_Paddleboard_Review_Big_Water NRS also has new urethane Skegs for 2013. NRS skegs are designed for rivers and lakes. The 4” fin has a longer shape which performs better on slow moving river waves. There is also a 8” deep water skeg for touring and paddling long distances. The new Urethane ones are much more flexible than other skegs and less prone to breakage. NRS_Czar_Inflatable_Stand_Up_Paddleboard_Review_Downriver


  • Awesome stability
  • Thicker drop stitch keeps feet high and dry.
  • Great maneuverability with 9’6” length.
  • Removable skegs.
  • Made by NRS..100% product guarantee.


  • Inflatable: will never surf as fast as epoxy.
  • Extremely addictive.
When you get your new board, don’t forget to get a river specific leash, some good solid shoes and maybe an electric pump. My personal favorite is the Bravo 12 electric pump. Now you can fully inflate your board to 15 PSI, in about 3 minutes, without even breaking a sweat. Have fun out there, and be safe! Aaron

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