The IR Men’s Long Sleeve Competition Jacket has been a staple of the IR line since 2001, and it was the first “non-latex neck” jacket that performed well enough to be sold alongside latex neck drytops. Product beta and Specs:
  • IR's premier 3-season jacket.
  • Now features ergonomic seaming for greater mobility and comfort.
  • Made with 3 layer waterproof/breathable Entrant®
  • Lightweight waterproof/breathable inner tunnel
  • Unique all neoprene neck gasket with a sticky rubber band
  • Latex wrist gaskets with neoprene over-gaskets
  • zippered semi-dry pocket on front chest
  • Adjustable neoprene waistband
  • Seam taped throughout.
  • Colors: Mango, Ink, Gunmetal, Camo
  • Price: $260.00
  • Limited Edition Camo Price: $275.00
  • Sizes: S-XXL


  • The "non-latex" neck gasket performs 90% as well as a dry top and is MUCH easier to take on and off. No worries about blowing the neck gasket either!
  • The top fits well, and ergonomic cut ensures wide range of movement and a feeling that you aren’t even wearing a jacket.
  • IR's color selection is also cool. Besides the typical dry top colors they have Urban camo.
  • Great option for people with latex sensitivities or just looking for some more comfortable than latex.
  • Lightweight material is tough enough for what you throw at it and heavy enough for the coldest weather.
  • Available in both Mens’s and Womens’s
  • IR was the 1st company to make a vulcanized neck.


Since the neck does not have a latex gasket, it is a little wetter when play boating, river boarding or swimming.Not by much though.

The Verdict:

If you want wear a dry top that does not involve the hassle of a latex neck gasket, The Comp LS is a great choice. It fits well, is made form a 3-layer waterproof breathable material that does it's job, has cool color choices and won't break the bank. Click here to buy one now!

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