So far, this summer, freestyle kayaking has taken me to many places including, Green River Wyoming, BV, Lyons, and Salida Colorado. Even with low water conditions, it has been a lot of fun and tough competition. I've gotten to meet lots of new people and experienced a lot of different features. The first competition was in Green River. There, we got served breakfast, lunch, and dinner on competition day. As far as the competition, I ended up fourth behind Brook, Sage Donnelly, and Lauren Burress. The second competition, in BV, I also came in fourth behind Sage Donnelly, Rowan Stewart, and Lauren Burress.I got some very valuable help there from Claire O'Hara, Dustin Urban, and the Donnelly's. Before Lyons, Dustin Urban helped me out with a bunch of different things, which helped tremendously. In Lyons, after the much needed help from Dustin, I came in fourth again behind the same three as in BV. By far though, Lyons was my best competition and I scored my first 100 point ride. In Salida, the water was extremely low and many people formed a rock wall so the water would channel, and make the feature better. When the wall was first made the hole ended up a bit trashy, but then a few more rocks were added, and it was as good as it was going to get. I first competed in the raft rodeo. The rodeo was a blast and a bunch of fun chaos. I then competed in the big trick competition, for only women, and for $100. Haley Mills ended up taking that with some very huge air. As far as freestyle, junior women again went straight to finals. Our rides were between heats of SUP cross, and again I ended up fourth behind the same three. It was a lot of fun and I almost got my loop. As for now, we are headed off to Missoula, Montana and then to Cascade, Idaho to finish off the tour.
Green River
Buena Vista
Lauren and Rowan and I in Lyons
Team Sages
Team Sages and the Kellogg Show

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