So I've been back in New Zealand now for almost a month, I've only gone boating once since my return and the rest of my time has been taken up by work, work and more work. Living the life of a bum kayaker isn't always glamorous, we're not always travelling non-stop and kayaking everyday. To have this lifestyle you must sacrifice a lot, which means sometimes working a crappy job, not being with your loved ones and not always being able to kayak 24/7. But to me, Lawrance Simpson it's all worth it! Sure I might have gone a month already without seeing my girlfriend, I may have only paddled once in the last month and I may be back living with my parents but if it means I get to spend another amazing summer running the shit with my girl and mates then it's all worth while. So during my one kayaking trip so far my buddy Josh and I went to Rotorua to quench our thirsts on the one of the most classic runs in the World... the Kaituna! We ended up doing 8 laps in 2 days (2 1st day, 6 2nd day) but this left very little, I mean no time for filming... sorry We also hit up the Aratiatia rapids on the drive home as well. These rapids flow 4times a day in 30mins slots. Although they are so predictable they have only been paddling a dozen or so times by some of the best kayakers in the World. Josh and I still havn't completed the whole section but we did run the fun/easier lower drop and spent most of the morning scouting the meat of the rapid for next time. Here is a little video of the Aratiatia rapids. the shot of us runing the lower drop didn't turn out so well as the camera got covered in spray but you get the idea. CLICK HERE Peace out L C Simpson

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