Liquid Logic Remix XP10 Long Term Review By Atom Crawford

Liquid Logic Remix XP10 Product Review by Atom Crawford

Ever since I read about Woody's self support trip down the Grand canyon in A Remix XP, I Was hooked. Story here: I love doing scenic overnighters and that boat sounded like just the ticket for some serious fun, and room to add more fun. All I needed was the boat and a permit. I purchased the boat from CKS (Woody's yellow one from the Grand, how cool is that) and all I had to do was add some hip foam, (serious hip foam) as Woody and I are about the same height but a couple hundred pounds separates the rest. I then scored a Selway permit, 12 folks all kayak self support. It was meant to be. First off, This boat is super comfy. And I mean deluxe arm chair beer in hand comfy. You could almost sleep in this thing. Second, it can pack an enormous amount of whatever it is you desire for a trip. The hatch in the back offers access to a sealed waterproof compartment, tons of room in there. Behind the seat is even more room. The boat has footpegs, so you can stuff the front with even more gear. The cockpit is massive, so I could have a throw rope, water bottle, fishing rod (collapsible), and camera all secured between my legs and out of the way. Thirdly, It has a drop down skeg. And believe me it is not a gimmick. You drop that thing down and start hammering away, say goodbye to whomever is trying to keep up. I love that with the skeg down, I just need to paddle and not worry about correction strokes. fourthly, this kayak is unbelievably stable. Almost impossible to tip over. Cruise control river runner for sure. Rumor has it that in calm water you can even stand up in it to take a leak. (in case the shore was covered in poisonous snakes, crocs, cougars and other unsavory specimens). Long story short, I love this kayak. I had over 60lbs in it on the Selway and it treated me right. Did just fine on the Class3-4 low water drops and I was amped to be able to carry whatever I wanted on the trip (5 days, 4 nights). We had 3 Remix's on the Selway and they were the envy of the rest of the self support kayak cast....(it also rolls really easy)....



  • Comfy, can carry the household if need be
  • Runs rapids really well for a big boat
  • The drop down skeg is the bomb
  • The sealed rear hatch is awesome
  • If doing a self support class 3-4 trip-BUY THIS BOAT!!!
  • Great on local lakes and mellow floats
Another tough day on the river.


  • Doesn't come with beer holder or fishing rod holder
  • Needs custom skirt size-Snapdragon makes a great one
  • Footpegs are weak-they blow off if driving hard or boofing (they don't break-just peel off)
  • Seal the skeg bolts with silicone so the rear hatch stays dry
Atom didn't give us a "verdict" on the Remix XP10, but judging by his photos and comments it's safe to assume that he likes it a lot. Here's another cool video about taking the Remix XP's down the French Broad River in Asheville, NC USA:

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