I'll be honest, we were pretty bummed when we got the news that Liquidlogic Kayaks would no longer be selling to retailers. Of all of the brands of whitewater boats for sale at CKS, Liquidlogic was one that had managed to retain it's soul, and at the same time kept on offering smooth, intuitive, river running based designs. For that reason, we were beyond excited when we got a call from LiquidLogic a few weeks ago, asking if we would like to begin selling the brand again. We did not need time to think about this - the group consensus was HELL YA! With a guy like Pat Keller pounding the pavement, and Woody and Shane at the helm, there was no way that we could say no. CKS Online is now officially selling LiquidLogic Kayaks. Their offerings are a solid blend of both old and new. Here's a rundown of what boat's we'll be stocking, and what boats we'll be able to order for our customers....


liquidlogic_braaap_69 BEST FOR: Anyone who has googled "Dagger RPM for sale" in the past 30 days. Think of the BRAAAP 69 as a modern age version of the OG Revolutionary Play Machine. The LiquidLogic BRAAAP 69 is truly a fun boat to paddle downriver. At 69 gallons, and with a good amount of volume in the bow, a rounded and rockered hull and thin tail (with a little bit of kick rocker behind the seat), the BRAAAP slithers it's way into eddies, pivot turns on demand, sinks the tail on crisp eddylines, and rolls as easily and any boat on the market. Anyone from novice paddlers looking for a easy rolling boat, to class V boaters looking for a craft to rock splat their way down steep gradient will enjoy this boat. Oh ya, the Bad Ass Outfitting is just as comfortable and supportive as ever. BOTTOM LINE: Fun, well rounded boat for paddlers of all ability levels. The BRAAAP's 69's wheel house is someone who can drive it downriver and take advantage of it's nimble / playful nature - performance downriver play boating at it's finest. If you question this boats capabilities, you can check out this link of Ben Marr CRUSHING the most difficult bit water rapid ever paddled - Site Zed, of the Stikine.


liquidlogic_party_braaap_69 BEST FOR: Squirting, splatting, and more squirting. The LiquidLogic Party BRAAP 67 is just plain fun. Everything except for the stern is identical to the BRAAAP 69. At 67 gallons, this boat had 2 gallons removed from the concave tail. What does this mean for the paddler? Copius amounts of stern squirting, rock splatting, more stern squirting and stalling, and super easy pivot turns. Slalom inspired downriver play boating is the niche of this boat. Again, if you have been trying to hunt down a RPM for some old school paddling fun - hop in a BRAAAP 69 or Party BRAAAP 67. BOTTOM LINE: Fun, rounded hull play / river runner with a stern that wants to get vertical, and supportive outfitting.


liquidlogic_mulletBEST FOR: As the name implies - paddling like you mean it, and partying like it's 1999 (or maybe even 1989). The Mullet has more "business" up front, and retains the same slicey tail as it cousins (BRAAAP 69 and Party BRAAAP). With it's slalom inspired design, and rocker / volume up front, it'll boof with confidence, punch features that would bury a play boat, and leave a larger paddler comfortable even after hours of paddling. New school RPM MAX? Sort of, but this boat is better...way better. BOTTOM LINE: Sink the tail, squirt it when you want, but still get er' done when the goin' gets tough.


liquidlogic_flying_squirrel BEST FOR: Hard charging river running. The concept for the flying squirrel is really quite simple - think of a Liquidlogic Remix with more bow rocker, and a lot more volume overall (85 or 95 gallons respectively). This is a smooth river runner, with enough rocker and volume in the bow and stern to work it's way down any river that is paddled today. With the LL headquarters about a stones throw from the Green River, and countless hours of R and D time spent spanking the monkey (aka. Gorilla), you know this boat will be good when the gradient drops out from under you, and the "oh sh*t!" horizon lines become more frequent. This boat is offered in 2 sizes (85 and 95 gallons). Any boat named after a move on one of the class V rapids in the US, has to be good - right? BOTTOM LINE: It's a beefcake Remix with a Jefe on top of it. The steeper and more difficult, the better...

REMIX 47, 59, 69, 79

liquidlogic_remix BEST FOR: Quality river running with a focus on the fundamentals of paddling. This boat is fast, smooth and loves to effortless eddy hop it's way downriver. And she rolls easy. We try not to overuse the term, but in this case we think that you will agree - the Liquidlogic Remix is a LEGEND. It's a comfortable, smooth boat that will reward a paddler for using proper technique. Whether it's a beginning kayaker learning sweeps, draw strokes, and rolls, or road tripping to the Stikine, the Remix series has a boat for you. The design has not changed in a long time, and we are glad for that. Offered in 47, 59, 69 and 79 gallon versions, all but the largest paddlers will find their size. If you find that you do not fit in the 79 gallon version, check out the Flying Squirrel 95 - we guarantee that you'll fit. BOTTOM LINE: This boat is a damn fine river runner. She's smooth, intuitive and easy on the eyes. The design has not changed in a long time, and as far as we are concerned, there is no need to do so anytime soon.


liquidlogic_stinger_xp BEST FOR: Grand Canyon self supports. Load 10+ days of gear, in a boat with a race inspired hull. This is a lean, mean, green, overnight machine. The Liquidlogic Stinger is their longboat racing machine. It's wicked fast, precise and is known for it's podium finishes on the hardest extreme races. The Stinger XP is the overnight version of the same boat. It has a storage hatch in the rear, a skeg for improved tracking, and can pack up a few weeks of camping gear. It's a higher performance, narrower / longer and faster version of the very first self support kayak - the Remix XP10. BOTTOM LINE: This boat is a must have for the big trips. Grand Canyon, Main Salmon, Selway, Rogue, etc - the Stinger XP is begging to come along with you.


Julia @ CKS Online

Julia @ CKS Online

Hi Dick,

Unfortunately, we do not have any Stingers in stock right now and do not have an accurate estimate for when we will be receiving a restock shipment. It’s a tough season for production!


Dick Killian

Dick Killian

U have any regular LL stingers in stock ??

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