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Keel Brightman Photo. Rob Bart Styles Boulder Sluice, Little White as Cody films w/ a Cable Cam - Footage coming to www.Huckinhuge.com

Summary update (site has more photos)

The Bad News:
The Source is frozen, so we’re forced to start below Mica Dam. This cuts off the first 200 frozen miles and will hopefully allow us to begin paddling March 1st. We will paddle from Mica Creek to the Ocean, then go directly back up when the Source has thawed and complete the journey.

The Good News:
Everything looks good to go. We’ve now created a “Live” site with a SPOT tracker and a webcam. Tons of parties and community floats are coming together for anyone who would like to join us on the way:

The Great News:

Keel tracked down a trainer kite and 7meter kite, wonder how kitecatarafting will work…

Cody hooked up a zipline on the Little White and got some awesome video while Keel took photos. Cody will be posting the footage at huckinhuge.com

Please Join us along the Experience:
Directions for trips below and more at http://www.thecolumbiaexperience.com


March 27th: Hanford Reach - Vernita Bridge to the Ringold Springs Fish Hatchery. Meet at Vernita Bridge Rest Area below Priest Rapids Dam at 10am. We will go from the Vernita Bridge to a camping spot on the Dunes ~25-30 miles. Either camp with us near the Take-out this day or take-out at the Ringold Springs Fish Hatchery.

March 28th: Hanford Reach - Ringold Springs Fish Hatchery to Pasco. ~15 miles. If you paddle with us the day before we will wake up and paddle across the river from our campsite to the Fish Hatchery and meet anyone who would like to join us for this section. If you are just going to paddle with us from the Hatchery to Pasco please meet us at the Hatchery boat ramp at 10am.

March 29th: Pasco to Wallula Gap. ~25-30 miles. Either float the entire stretch or plan an earlier take-out on your own.

April 4th: Little White Salmon. Class V. If you need more info you should probably sit this one out. Drano at 10am.

April 6th: Little White Salmon - Eagle Creek. Class V. Paddle with us on the Little White then float down the Columbia to the Confluence of Eagle Creek just east of the Bonneville Dam.

April 7th: Eagle Creek - Class IV-V. Skoonichuck, Punchbowl, Metlako and a handful of other amazing rapids/drops. Hike-in as far as you'd like, Skoonichuck is most likely as far as we'll go ~6 miles. Easy Trail. Family and friends welcome to hike w/ us. Great photo/video oppurtunities.

April 10th - EF Lewis Race Warm up

April 11th - EF Lewis Race - Race details are still being figured out.

May 1-3rd - Post Expedition - Forks of Salmon, CA. Cal-Salmon Nordheimer Race and Celebration Party.


Friday, February 27 - Seattle, WA: Risen Sun Premier, Bands, and more, High Dive in Seattle. Show starts at 8:30.

Saturday, March 28th - Pasco, WA: Risen Sun Premier, Music, and more. Movie starts at 8:30pm. Details coming.

Saturday, April 11th - EF Lewis Race- Race details are still being figured out.

Saturday, April 4th - Hood River: Film Premier and much more. Details coming.

May 1-3rd, Post Expedition - Forks of Salmon, CA. Cal-Salmon Nordheimer Race and Celebration Party.


American Whitewater

American Whitewater restores rivers dewatered by hydropower dams, eliminates water degradation, improves public land management and protects public access to rivers for responsible recreational use.

Columbia Riverkeepers
Columbia Riverkeeper's mission is to restore and protect the water quality of the Columbia River and all life connected to it, from the headwaters to the Pacific Ocean.

Because of Columbia Riverkeeper efforts, 95 percent less dioxin (chlorine breakdown product) flows into the River today than did 15 years ago. Heavy metal pollution has also decreased significantly due to industry-level technological improvements encouraged by Columbia Riverkeeper. Hanford Nuclear Site cleanup has become the best funded of any Superfund site in the country. Real accomplishments have been made that have improved the health of the river and saved millions of taxpayer dollars.

Sun Catchers Project
With this project we hope to create a global consciousness and universal desire to protect our natural forests by creating awareness of successful available energy alternatives to burning trees. We exist to improve the quality of life and health of people globally with the development of solar energy through cooking. By working with children all over the world, we strive to create a universal understanding and respect between our cultures at an early age. Our goal is to connect our communities and environment by actively engaging in education, research, development, and the application of attainable solutions through solar cooking.

Here we go, T-2days.

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