Looking back on 2010 and coming up with new plan for 11
2010 was a pretty up and down year for me so I've really been looking forward to getting out for the 2011 season. The day dreaming and looking at possible trips has been well under way for a while now. Most of all I'm looking forward to getting away, paddling and traveling with friends, and waking up next to the river. Every year you meet new people, paddle some great sections of white water and the next thing you know, you have a life long buddy which is one of the greatest parts of our sport. Hope to meet more of you on the water in 2011!

Cam chargin on South Silver, one of my favorite buddies to paddle with!

Chis lives in CB and is used to spectators on OBJ, in Cali the spectators however took it to a new level!

When plans A, B, and C don't quite work out....the plan D campspot

SUP'ing a 500'/mile creek, definitely gets my vote for most retarded "first D" of 2011. South Silver is much more enjoyable in a kayak

Meat line on South Merced with R. Kelly

On class II or class V, every year its the overnighters the I enjoy the most.


Photo by Jim Janey

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