Meet the CKS Squad Part 2: Evan J Stafford
This is Part 2 of a Series of posts that introduces the members of the 2007 CKS Squad. Included in each section is the squad member's Bio and a brief photographic Trip Report of their Top 3 days on the river during the 2006 season. Today we are meeting Evan J Stafford and getting a glimpse into his top 3 runs of the 2006 season: Yule Creek, Colorado, The Rio Brazos, New Mexico and The Black Boxes of the San Rafael, Utah.

Evan 'livin the canyon life. Cataract. Photo: Moab Arlo


A beautifully rainy day on Yule Creek was definitely a highlight from 2006. This is drop #3, Oriental Message. It's really fucking big. The idea is to cross from a drop-in at the top on river-right, through a hourglass ridge that tries to hurl you air-born, over to the river left and splash into the pool at least 80 ft. below. I crossed over maybe a little bit too early and ended up cruising right over the lip of the ridge with a minor skip but then drying out on the left side of the slide at about mach 10. About 2/3 of the way down I hit a second lip and disconnected with the rock only to come skipping into the pool 30 ft downhill. Yauser! This creek is steep and it's sweet. It is a serious honor to be a member of the Yule Alumni Association. Photo by Kyle McCutchen.


The Rio Brazos is a wild and wooly, 2-day adventure in Northern New Mexico. Described in CRCII as the Southern Rocky Mountain creek boaters Shangri-la, it really is a spiritual place. Brazos dos Saltos, end of day 1. Photo by Chris Morrison.


The Black Boxes of the San Rafael is the premier slot canyon trip in the southwest. Generally two days of warm muddy water, intimate sandstone canyon walls, and mostly boxed in class IV+ whitewater. If the San Rafael is running over 800 cfs, drop everything and go there. It is one of a kind. This shot is of the paddle out from a long one day mission in June of 2006. The sunset went into a deep pink desert glow that was nothing short of moving. Photo by me.
EVAN'S Profile:
Name: Evan J. Stafford Birthdate: May 27, 1979
Hometown: Denver, Bronco Country
Currently Resides in: Fort Collins
Work: Play
Years Paddling: Seven
Top 3 Rivers: Big South Cache la Poudre, Christopher Creek AZ, Bull Lake Creek WY
The Perfect Vacation is: a beach with swell, snow capped peaks on the horizon and steep creeks and waterfalls on the to-do list - basically West Coast South Island NZ. Hobbies other than kayaking: Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing, Climbing, Rapping, Writing, Photo-graphing and Hot Spring-ing.
Favorite website: The Range Life
Recent playlist on my MP3 player: Anthony B, Damian Marley, Dezarie, Midnite, Talib Kweli, De la Soul, Jurassic 5, J Dilla.
Best day of paddling ever: Christopher Creek AZ. The stars aligned. First D. Boofs, waterfalls and more bedrock boofs. What else?
Sponsors: Liquid Logic Kayaks, Lendal Paddles, Guayaki Yerba Mate, CKS.
Words:It is the responsibility of each of us, as paddlers, to protect the watersheds which bring us so much happiness. For many, including myself, kayaking is the fusion of sport and temple. Let's keep our place of worship clean."You'll never miss your water, until you well runs dry…"
Evan Stafford's top 5 Gear Picks:
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1. LiquidLogic Jefe 2. Snapdragon Armortex Skirt w/implosion bar 3. Waterproof Ipod Case 4. IR Union Suit 5. Whitewater of the Southern Rockies Guidebook

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