North Fork of the South Arkansas
photos by Nicole Mansfield The North Fork of the South Arkansas is a small tributary creek 15mins outside of Salida, CO. Due to its short window and steep, woody character these drops are rarely run. It is estimated that the first descent of this creek occurred in the mid 90's.
The main drop- two tiered falls
Since Lawrance had just gotten back to Colorado from New Zealand (hadn't creeked since last summer) and had never been in the new Rocker, we thought it would be a good idea for him to put on 50ft above the lip of the first drop. No worries, if you don't nail the line and boof totally flat on the second drop you piton into 6inches of water from 20ft.

Chris sets up the video shot while Lawrance reviews his line.

The NF S.Ark contains 4-5 runnable drops; 15ft slide, 30ft crack drop, 2 smaller waterfalls and the double drop. On this run we only got the double drop (the most impressive drop of the run), but we hope to get back to do the rest. Be advised that there is a lot of wood between all of the main drops, basically making this a hike n park n huck special.

Lawrance sliding into the first falls

The main double drop is a twisting 15ft slide into an 8ft falls. A short fast moving pool allows for a stroke or 2 to line up the boof for the next drop.

Lawrance lands and sets his angle

Boofing the second falls

Lawrance safely in the pool...

...and setting up for the third part of the rapid.

The last move. part 3 of the double drop.

Chris Menges sets up his boof. Things didn't quite go perfectly and a high impact piton occurred. Amazingly, Chris came out unscathed thanks to the 07 Rocker's Uni-shock bulkhead system. He is grateful to be walking back to the car unassisted.

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