Predator Six Full Face Helmet

A little while ago, Tim Kelton emailed us a review that he had written about The Sweet Rocker. His reasons for wanting the helmet were as clear as day.Click here to see why Tim got a $400 full face protection helmet. Casey, a staff member here at CKS had a similar experience (see photo above) about a year ago. Since his "incident" on Glade Creek of The Meadows, he has been researching helmets and ended up getting a Predator Six Full Face. I talked to him and wanted to know why he chose the Predator over The Sweet Rocker, Shred Ready Full Face and WRSI Current w/face protection. Here's what he had to say:



  • The price is right, especially when you take into consideration the fact that you are getting a strong, light carbon helmet. A Sweet Rocker tops out the list of options at $400 MSRP. The SR Full Face is $109, but is plastic, and the WRSI is not really a full face. You have to purchase a face protection system for it in addition to the helmet. The Predator is $250 MSRP. It is currently on sale for $199.
  • The Six is comfortable and light. It has quite a few foam shims with velcro attachments, which allows a variety of head sized to fit snugly.
  • It's a very warm helmet
  • Style points. The Six is available in a variety of color options.


  • It is difficult to hear sometimes, especially with ear plugs on. Some vents on the side would be nice.

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