Right in Wigston's Backyard
USB : RIWBY Upper South Boulder : Right in Wigston's Backyard Words: Evan Stafford Photography: Leif Embertson
JJ Hannah lofting on RIWBY
The put-in for Upper South Boulder Creek is about ten minutes from Nick Wigston's doorstep. The take-out is even closer. We gear up in the warmth of the Wigston's sun room. Nicole and Zoe Wigston will run our shuttle. We laugh about how only Wigston could have quite possibly the Front Range's gnarliest stretch as his backyard run. We wonder what the flow will be, but whatever it is we're glad that it has dropped from the high 600's the night before. 350 - 450 cfs is optimal and it looks to be within that range. We drop in for the goods starting with Trainspotting.
ES Focused
Wigston greasing it
After Trainspotting the juices are flowing but the action let's up to class III and you're best to take in some deep breathes of the high mountain air. The gnar known as Gash comes next and we've all already planned on walking. Respect. A deadly rapid and for Leif and JJ this is a new run. No need to fire up the sketch before you've seen the entire run and shown the river what it deserves. Lumberyard is next. Wigston has cleared all the lumber from his backyard and there are no wood portages this day... however that could have all changed with the recent high flows.
Wigglestix stomping in Lumberyard
S-Turn is the goods but has a must make eddy where we station a catcher. You don't want to miss this one. The lead-in to the 40 foot cascade of exploding chaos looms large directly below S-turn. Stick it and maintain control. After the portage we joke about how "maybe at 700 cfs it's just a slide." Maybe it's a slide at that flow but it ain't JUST a slide. It's huge and the action below called Grand Piton Park at 700 would be very, very exciting. RIP Beavers and DeLavergne. Much respect due. At this flow it is just excellent read-and-run class V creeking.
Leif getting buried at the turn
Nick below the turn and in control.
Below Grand Piton we ease our way towards RIMBY. Right in My Backyard. This applies to Nick, but not the rest of us, so from now on I'm calling it RIWBY. Right in Wigston's Backyard. Since it is his backyard, we take some time to clean up the wood situation.
Leif takes the photos while we do the man's work
Then we get our boofs on. Fist of Boof Dojo represent.
ES with some nice seperation
Wigston looking good on his home court
ES about to get handed but still looking good
Not many people are lucky enough to live within minutes of the river, much less of a run this good. Wigston is doin it right, so for the youngsters out there, get out the pen and the pad and take some notes. Next time you visit the RIWBY boof remember whose backyard it is and who keeps it clean. Safety Nick keeping us safe from his porch to the put-in to the take-out meeting.

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