Rio Salto en Mexico
A Photo report from the Rio Salto en Mexico. The crew this day was Atom, Marjo, Ross, Naomi and Sean. What a great fun run. Loading boats from camp. photo/Atom kicking it while Ross walks the shuttle. photo/Atom The seal launch in. scouting the first drop, a sticky hole before the first falls. photo/Sean Atom running the first drop. photo/Sean Sean running the first drop. photo/Atom Sean running the falls. photo/Atom Atom running the falls. photo/Naomi Atom photo/Sean Marjo about to run the falls. photo/Atom Marjo running the falls. photo/Atom Marjo behind the curtain(look close). Photo/Atom Naomi on the falls. photo/Atom Same for Ross. photo/Atom Sean again. photo/Atom One of my favorite shots, Marjo in the aquarium. photo/Atom.. Ross upside down in the aquarium. photo/Sean Ross on another drop. photo/Atom Naomi same drop. photo/Atom The takeout. photo/Atom A beautiful place. photo/Atom AHHH, Mexico photo/Atom

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