Liquid Logic Biscuit Review With Natalie Kellum

TeamKellum loves to playboat, but we aren't out there linking phonix monkeys. Our favorite playboating is down river with a group of buddies, hucking themselves into every little feature, some moves end in grace and others with face plants. All ending in fun. Play park or down river, the only way playboating is not fun is if your boat is uncomfortable.

This is why we heart our new LiquidLogic Biscuits! No pressure points with the bad ass outfitting, and it is made to last. The Bad Ass Outfitting doesn't stop with the ass either. Your knees have a nice place to rest and the cone of comfort keeps the toes and ankles padded. This boat will have your happy ass flying on waves, getting aerial in the holes and loving down river days

Liquid Logic Biscuit from Natalie Kellum on Vimeo.

Liquid Logic Biscuit from Natalie Kellum on Vimeo.

Music by Chris Strain
Play boating the new LL Biscuit with Team Kellum and Big Wave Dave.


  • This Biscuit train is rolling on gravy wheels


  • The LiquidLogic Jefe was not named the Cornbread. A Biscuit and Cornbread combo served up home style out of North Carolina would be the perfect quiver.

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Here is the link to the official Team Kellum blog. Lots of good stuff on there. Be sure to read about the wake boarding 12.oz handoff.

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