The Sea-to-Summit X-Series Cookware line is pretty cool in my book! I own the 4 Liter X-Pot and the X-Set 32 for my light river kitchen and to use in my Ford Transit RV. When space is limited, these nearly-heatproof silicone & aluminum cookware sets give you portability offered by no other cook system. 

  • I like how easy it is to make pasta or boil potatoes in the X-Pot. Its built-in strainer and locking tabs on the lid prevent me from burning myself when I’m straining the water out. 
  • I use a french press to make coffee in the morning, so having the kettle that comes with both the X-Set 32 and X-Set 33 that also collapses is really nice. Kettles usually take up a lot of space. 
  • I have used the 2.8L X-Pot (comes with both sets) to briefly saute vegetables before adding a sauce and found the aluminum cook surface was fairly non-stick when cooking with some oil. 
  • The silicone sides of all of this cookware are surprisingly rigid for how easily they fold down. I was skeptical at first that it would be difficult to keep liquids from spilling out, but I’ve found that’s not the case.

We picked up the X-Set 32 because it includes a frying pan that the whole system collapses into. It’s pretty neat how it all nests together and takes up next to no space in the tiny cabinets we have for the RV. If my wife and I are camping just the two of us from our raft, we will bring this cookware over larger, bulkier cookware, so that we have more room in our raft’s Eddy Out Drybox for our personal gear. 

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