Summer 2011

Man, this summer has been the best of my life thus far! I apologize for not updating often, but I have been too busy kayaking! On my way back to CO, we went by Bridal Veil for a little park n huck pit-stop. A lady named Jean was kind enough to take photos.

I returned to Steamboat for the first part of summer, and to my surprise Fish creek hadn’t even started running yet. Thankfully, the melt-off began just before the Paddling Life Invitational and held for nearly two months! It was the best Fish season Steamboat had ever seen and we were able to paddle nearly 50 laps on it, many of which were above 3 feet! Incredible!

Photo: Holley Gardel

While in Steamboat we also hit Slater Falls, which is north near the Wyoming border. It is a super fun drop with a twenty foot slide leading straight into a 30 footer. It was quite the day, as there was one skirt implosion resulting in a lost boat, and a massive mud bog on the drive home, resulting in swamped truck and necessary tractor removal.

Marty Smith oozin' with steeze

Another perspective. Photos Aryeh Copa

Crested Butte is the shit. Flows were great, the weather was beautiful and we were able to paddle OB, Daisy and Upper East.

Stupid Falls. This one hurt. Photo: Mike Head

I also had opportunity to go down the Grand Canyon, which was without a doubt one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Slip n slide on Olo Canyon

Lava Falls. Photos: Mike Farney

I also got on Mad Creek, which hadn’t been paddled in a while due to wood and the North Fork of the Little Wind in Wyoming which was rugged, to say the least.

I have a ton of footage that I am trying to compile at the moment, so I should have a sweet little video droppin’ here in a bit.

Finally, stay tuned for some updates from Washington and BC! I’m back in school here in Washington, and BC has been going off!


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