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Watching the Whitewater Grand Prix was one of the paddling highlights for us so far this winter. It's awesome to see such talented paddlers giving it 110% on such technically challenging whitewater.

2012 Whitewater Grand Prix - Stage One - Whitewater Enduro from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

One thing that we were reminded of while watching the Grand Prix, was the gear selection that many paddlers down in Chile wore. In general, when you are a professional whitewater kayaker, and sponsors are paying for your gear, you want to wear the best. You want to be warm, have unrestricted movement and want the gear to last. That is why there is so much Sweet and Kokatat on the river. There is nothing out there that compares to GORE TEX. It is the only waterproof breathable membrane that is meant to be submersed in water 100% of the time. What does that mean? You can wear jeans and a flannel shirt, throw on a GORE TEX dry suit, go creeking and playboating for the day, and then be bone dry for the bars at night... Right now, we've got some incredible deals on the Sweet Prophecy Dry Top and and Pants, as well as Shambala Shorts. The tops and pants are constructed from GORE TEX Pro Shell, which is their highest level of waterproof breathable membrane. You will understand how good this stuff really is when you see it in person. It's thick and heavy duty, yet supple enough for unrestricted movement. The Shambala shorts are also a favorite of ours. After wearing them for over 100 days last summer, I can attest that they are by far the most comfortable, supportive and best neoprene paddling shorts that I have ever worn. If you are looking for a sweet deal, on "sweet Protection - we have limited quantities for 20% off: prophecy-dry-top_42_2012-04-10-11-20-45 SWEET PROPHECY DRY TOP - GORE TEX PRO SHELL MSRP:$499.00 SALE:389.95 Picture 2SWEET PROPHECY DRY PANTS - GORE TEX PRO SHELL MSRP:$449.00 SALE:358.95


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