Sydney McCutchen Reviews Paddle Monster Kayak DVD!

Paddle Monster. A Kayak Movie for Kids, Reviewed By A Kid.

If your kid is ready to paddle they should see the movie Paddle Monster. They will learn all the things you need to know about paddling. Here are some of the things you will need to know that are in the movie.

Boat types:

Three types of boats you will learn about are the sit on top boat, sit in side boat, whitewater kayak, and a canoe. The sit on top boat will make you very wet. A whitewater boat is a lot of fun. You can play in whitewater all the time wherever you would like. A canoe is a bigger boat that can have two people in a canoe that sit on opposite ends. You can also have lots of people. Here are some of the boats you can choose from.


A few strokes you will learn are the forward stroke, sweep stroke, draw stroke, and the stern draw. When you use the forward stroke you can go fast. You can get to places quickly. To spin your boat you use the sweep stroke. If you’re pointing in the wrong direction you use the sweep stroke to face the correct direction. Then we have the draw stroke. This stroke moves you side ways. Now we have the stern draw. It is helpful in a canoe. The person in the stern uses this stroke to steer the boat. See the movie to learn how to do these strokes.


Here are the things you will need to paddle. A boat is one thing you need. You need to pick the type of boat you want to paddle. You need a life jacket for when you flip. If you’re in a rapid and you flip you’re life jacket will keep you floating. You want it tight so it doesn’t go above you’re ears. You also need a helmet so your head is protected when you hit something hard. If you don’t have a helmet on when you flip you could hit a rock and damage your head. Your helmet should stay in place when you shake your head back and forth. If it does not stay in place you need to tighten it so it is secure. Next you need a paddle. If you are in a canoe you need two one bladed paddles. In all other boats you need one paddle with two blades. Then you have a spray skirt. A spray skirt is not used in a canoe or a sit on top boat. A spray skirt keeps most of the water out of your boat. That means you don’t need to empty it out as much. If you watch the movie you will see how your gear should be anywhere on water.


There are some steps you need to know to put on a spray skirt. First you reach behind you and put the spray skirt on the back of the boat. Then you work around the sides. Now you pull you’re spray skirt to the front and it will snap on.

Wet Exit:

These are the steps you will learn to take in the movie to do a wet exit. First you tuck forward. Then you tap you’re boat to tell everyone that you are upside down. Then you pull on the tab that is on you’re spray skirt. Now you push out of the boat.


Soon you’ll be doing tricks. With lots of practice from this movie you’ll be an awesome paddler. There is also a section for parents. You should buy this movie so you can learn how to paddle. With some practice you can become a paddle monster as well. Written by Sydney McCutchen, age 10 Sydney is an aspiring Paddle Monster from Denver, CO

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