The Badfish Inflatable MCIT Review - A Next Generation SUP

Exactly What Makes The Badfish Inflatable MCIT So good?

The Badfish Inflatable MCIT has become a staple in many different SUP front's, ranging from the CKS rental shed, to the roof racks of cars all over the country, and even on the professional racing scene. Why has this board become so popular in so many different genres of stand up paddling? It's pretty rare to have a board that is fun for a 10 year old to paddle for hours on end, and then be able to use that same board design to win multiple SUP cross events on a National scale. Here is a quick and dirty rundown on the technical features that allow the Badfish Stand Up Paddle MCIT to truly walk it's talk...and yes, there is a LOT of talk surrounding this design.


Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_specs.jpg Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_Colors


    • ULTIMATE STABILITY AND SPEED (TOUGH COMBO TO PULL OFF):Multi Chamber Inflatable Technology is not just hype. Sure, there are other boards out there that are just as stable, but there are few that also have the stability:speed:maneuverability ratio that this board has (i.e - not being a total pig in the water). The MCIT is 35" wide (on the 10'6") at the girth. This is pretty wide for a SUP. The multi chambers, or "axial stabilizers"are rounded, and therefore create less drag in the water because they are round (and not flat). Also, there is a channel between the drop stitch board in the center, and the stabilizer tubes on the sides. What does all this mean? Think about ski's or bikes. Road bikes are faster than mountain bikes because the tires have far less drag. The same goes for the MCIT. This board has the width / side tube height necessary to give great primary and secondary stability, but also a little less surface area in the water to increase speed (less drag). EX: The real world example of this was when Mike Harvey (co owner of Badfish) was able to keep up with Dan Gavere on his composite Starboard race board at The Glenwood Springs Surf Festival. Mike is a gifted paddler, but was paddling his inflatable MCIT against one of the best SUP racers in the world on a composite board! Dan mentioned to Mike at the end of the race, that he was pretty surprised that he looked back and saw good ole' Mike drafting him in 2nd place!!
      Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_drop_stitch_board_tube3.jpg This photo shows the axial stabilizer tube, and the channel between it and the board. This breaks surface tension, offers LESS drag, and ultimately increases speed.
      Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_break_surface_tension.jpg Another shot of the bottom of the MCIT. The drop stitch portion of the board is relatively narrow, which give the speed.
      Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_drop_stitch_board_tube3.jpg The MCIT compared to a traditional SUP of similar width. Less board in the water = greater speed without sacrificing stability.
    • WONDERFUL BOARD FOR KIDS AND THE FAMILY:This single feature may be why we at CKS (and lots of people in the world) like the MCIT so much. It actually has technical features that improve the amount of fun that you will have when you are out with your family. For example, the widest part of the board is actually up in the nose (and not in the center). Mike and Zack (Badfish co-owners) both have kids, and love paddling with their young ones on the board. The MCIT is designed with the widest part of the board ahead of the paddler to allow for having a kid (or family pet) on the board. Pretty darn cool. Also, the 9' version was intended for children (and smaller paddlers); it is not a dumbed down board. It's the legit, real deal MCIT, but small enough for grom riders to shred on.
      Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_kids_sup_grom_special.jpg The 9' version is a full blown MCIT, and not a super basic low performance board for kids...Give them something to shred on!
      Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_widest_point_front_kids.jpg You can see that the the widest part of the MCIT is up in the nose. Badfish did this because they wanted a board that kids could sit on while someone else paddled.
      Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_with_dogs Surfing is for the dogs...
Here's a great vid of 10 year old Miles Harvey wrecking the Salida River Park on hi MCIT 9'
  • MULTIPLE FIN OPTIONS FOR VARYING TYPES OF WATER:This feature is not specific to just the MCIT, lots of SUP's are designed the same way. Because the MCIT has good speed for being A.) an inflatable, and B.) a very stable one, it is nice to have the ability to use a 8" center fin for touring, and then either remove it altogether, or replace it with a 4" (or custom 2") for the river.
    Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_Review_fin_configuration 3 fin options.
    Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_Review_fin_examples.jpg We recommend purchasing a 4" center fin. The MCIT comes with an 8" fin, but having both is nice.
  • GOOD CHOICE FOR AN EXPEDITIONARY BOARD:If western rivers, self supports, and overnighters are your thing, you should highly consider the MCIT. It has great performance for spending all day on the board; it's not a slug. The tapered tail makes it turn easily, while the axial stabilizer tubes keep you upright. The 11'6" can handle a heavy paddler with a gear bag, and is also pretty darn fast for an inflatable SUP. If you are going to pack in the mileage, consider looking at a board like the MCIT, that is relatively efficient in the flats. There is also a deck bungee for cargo, a nose cone for repeatedly bashing rocks, BOMBER grab loops, and a D ring for tying the board to a raft or shore.
    Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_nose_cone.jpg Nose cone for taking hits.
    Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_Review_fbeefy_grab_loop_D_ring.jpg Heavy duty grab loops and a D ring for tying off to things...
    Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_tapered_tail_turn_surf.jpg Tapered tail for easy turning, yet big axial stabilizer tubes for stability. The tail makes surfing fun too.
    Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_multi_chamber_same_spot_Bungee.jpg Deck bungees for bringing some gear.
  • THE RECESSED DECK INCREASES STABILITY:This feature was taken from the racing world. A 14' Morelli and Melvin is a very narrow board. Designers will lower the standing height on the deck pad to reduce the center of gravity, and ultimately increase primary stability. The MCIT has this same feature. After paddling a lot of 6" drop stitch boards, I can honestly say that standing a little bit lower on the board, makes a huge difference in feeling more stable on the river. Also, when kids sit on the deck of the board they will feel more secure, because they have a sidewall around them. It is sort of like being in a boat.
    Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_recessed_standing_room.jpg The recessed deck is bit lower than the top of the side tubes. The result is more primary stability.


  • NOTE:The axial stabilizer tubes are low pressure, and top out at 7 PSI. Do not over inflate them, in hopes of a stiffer board. They will pop. They are not designed to pumped up to 15 PSI.
    Boardworks_Badfish_Stand_Up_Paddle_MCIT_low_pressure_axial_stabilizer.jpg 7 PSI is max for the side tubes. Do not over inflate...they can pop.
  • NOT A TRADITIONAL DESIGN:This board is not a traditional looking longboard SUP. If you desire a board with classic lines that is a throw back to surf designs of days gone by; LOOK THE OTHER WAY. The MCIT utilizes progressive design,and new SUP 2.0 technology all in the name of making your time on the river more enjoyable. And it's still a good looking board to boot.
  • PRICE:The MCIT is the most expensive inflatable that we sell. It costs 3 times as much as bottom of the barrel 6" drop stitch boards for sale on the internet. BUYER BEWARE; YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

The Verdict:

Badfish released a really cool video series during OR this year. One of the vids in the installation was called "Family". I think that this sums what the BF experience is all about. We often judge the true character of a SUP by how it fares in our rental fleet. Our boards go out daily, and receive quite a bit of abuse. We also listen to customer feedback, and base our rental selection on their demand...We have a lot of MCIT's in the rental fleet, and it is the only board that people call literally months ahead of time for to reserve. It's also one of the most popular SUP's on the market, all for good reason. The MCIT is a well rounded board that is just as fun for the family, as it is for racing. If you want a MCIT for free, check out the Endless SUP Summer MCIT Giveaway that we are sponsoring. Win a free $2300 SUP package! Also, if you want to get someone else's perspective of the MCIT, check out this review. It is really good and to the point. It also has some great info on proper inflation and suitable pumps for the board.Definitely worth the read:

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