Jackson Mega Rocker Kayak Review

Before I begin my bias is as follows: I’m a firm believer that it’s the paddler and not the boat that makes the difference. With that being said certain boats will perform better in different situations than others depending on their design. The boat specs; Mega Rocker Length 8' 6" Width 2' 3" Height 1' 3 3/4" Volume (gallons) 93 Total range (lbs) 160-300 Ideal creeking (lbs) 175-275 Ideal river running (lbs) 190-300 My specs are as follows; Height: 6’5” Weight: 200lbs Kicks Size: 11
Hello big fellas! If you are my size and wanting to run the shiz-nit, this boat is for you. At 93 gallons the Mega Rocker can accommodate the biggest of the big fellas without feeling abnormally large. Don’t get me wrong if you’ve been paddling a creek boat that has been slightly undersized you’ll be amazed at how high the MR floats you but because of the bow and stern rocker this boats still turns on a dime and feels quite nimble when put to the test.
If the rocker series was made for one thing, its for running the steeps and the MR is no exception. It feels at home in the many low volume steep creeks that Colorado is known for like the Bailey, Big South, Crystal Gorge, Vallecito, OBJ, etc. However, the MR also performs well on high volume runs like Gore and Barrel Springs. The ample bow rocker lets the boat boof like a champ and the smooth contours help it resurface fast and predictable. The MR is also an excellent expedition boat due to its large volume and storage spaces. The front bulkhead doubles as storage allowing you to balance the weight better and preventing the boat from feeling overly stern heavy which makes running the shiznit with a loaded boat a little more predictable.
So in conclusion, if you are a bigger paddler wanting to challenge yourself by running the harder rapids and feel many of the current creek boats are undersized for someone of you stature or if you are a normal size paddler wanting to do self support expeditionary paddling the Mega Rocker great boat that is unlikely to disappoint.
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