The Late Boof - a how-to by Sensei Evan Stafford
FISTS OF BOOF DOJO Presents The Late Boof Welcome to my dojo – fist of boof. You call me sensei Stafford or just sensei for short. I am Miyagi, you are Daniel-son. You wan to learn the way of the boof. I am the way of the boof. There is no way of the boof. There is only the boof. There is no you. There is only the river and the boof. Now you are ready to begin training Follow Sensei Stafford's 17 step plan to perfect late boof... 1. Patience 2. Patience 3. Sweep up the dojo 4. Patience my son 5. Wash my truck 6. Patience! 7. Boof as many straight forward rocks, lips and waterfalls as you can find 8. Get beat up in a death sloper trying to pull an “early” boof 9. Come back with a black eye whimpering 10. Practice the Dufek stroke until you wish that kayaking never progressed past the back rudder 11. Visualize planting a strong Dufek at the lip of a sloping waterfall and holding it 12. Keep holding it 13. Visualize holding it 14. Patience! 15. Spot your landing 16. Now boof and follow through with a stroke on the opposite side 17. The boof is in the heart not the arms
Text: Evan Stafford
Photos: Leif Embertson

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