The Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe

The Deuce is a refreshing new addition to family friendly kayaks! We needed a boat for the family that I could paddle solo and/or with the wife and 2 kids. I was amazed at the choices out there. Many claimed versatility. The Deuce at 13 feet and three seats won our hearts over the Malibu 2 XL, the Tarpon 130 t, and the Hobie Kona Deluxe and Odyssey. Liquid Logic’s Deuce can be paddled by the kids on the lake or at the beach. If they flip it over, no worries. The Deuce is a sit on top with very large scuppers. Just right the boat and the water drains out those scuppers very fast and the kids can climb in and keep paddling. So… I don’t have to fire up the motor boat and play David Hassleoff to rescue the kids anymore! The capacity is over 450 lbs, so its easy for me at 220lbs to paddle with the wife and one or both of our small kids, or with our son who is 12. Lots of combinations here with the three seating positions and multiple foot wells. There is also a stern gear well for a cooler or for our little one. We tried other boats like the Tarpon 130 T and Malibu 2 XL. A lot of tandem sit on tops do all the same things, they are stable and track (go straight). …and are boring to paddle! It seemed all the family boats were designed in Detroit! Just more of the same….a big rotomoled “ keel” to keep the boat locked into only going straight. We found that those big keels prevent mobility and easy turning ability. We chose the Deuce because it is highly stable, easier to turn, and tracks incredibly well. The Deuce has a drop skeg. I think it’s the only sit on top with a drop skeg. When the skeg is deployed its holds a true line even in the wind. Something no other sit on top can claim. I love the skeg! I also like that when solo paddling it is just so lively. It just paddles like a performance kayak not just the average beach toy, like so many of the other boats in its price range. I wouldn’t even consider buying other sit on tops to take down the river. The Deuce is based on Liquid Logics Remix Whitewater river running series, so the performance is there on moving water as well as flatwater. On Solo days without the kids, I’m running some pretty good class 2 and little class 3 rapids. The river adds a level of adventure to going boating. There are some little waves and eddi lines to paly on that flipped the other sots like the Tarpon and Malibu. When the skeg is down on the lake, I can cruise and keep up with friends in their decked touring boats. This skeg is like magic, it just locks the Deuce into holding a line for crossing the lake. Nobody thought I would be able to keep up with the longer sea kayaks, but in the Deuce I can! This is the only sit on top with a drop skeg and its so worth it. It’s like getting two boats for the price of one! A comfortable flat water boat that tracks and is stable, but also a performance boat that you can run rivers and take to the beach to surf. We got the “Wedge seating system “and it is very comfy and recommend the thigh straps for increased control for moving water or coastal paddling. . This is the “best of the best” for tandem/solo/triple sit on tops.
-A happy customer


  • 13 feet long
  • 33 inches wide (max width)
  • 65 lbs
  • Optimal paddler(s) max weight 450
  • Tandem, triple, or solo paddling


  • The Deuce Coupe has the same stable hull as the Remix XP series. The great thing about the XP is that it does as well on the Grand Canyon, as it does on local pond.
  • With a maximum recommended weight of 450 lbs, the Deuce Coupe can handle a heavy load. 2 grown adults can paddle it quite easily.
  • Whether it's the ocean, river or lake,the Deuce Coupe will perform. It's got a drop skeg for enhanced flat water tracking and speed, a river running hull that'll bomb through moderate whitewater, and scuppers (drain holes) to drain out water, in the ocean. If a beach break crashes on worries.
  • 13 feet of length and a forgiving hull will make you feel like you are paddling an old school river runner. This thing is fast! Drop the skeg and it's even faster.
  • TONS of storage! Load up your cooler, dry bag and a couple of beverages (up to 5) and head off to your favorite beach or camp for a good time!
  • The Deluxe DVC seating is AWESOME! Liquid Logic boats are known as the most comfortable whitewater boats on the planet. The DVC follows this tradition...and then some. It is basically an integrated seat, back band, hip pads and thigh bolsters(the wedge). This system allows whitewater paddlers to hop into the Deuce, and feel just like they are paddling in a whitewater boat. There is enough support to edge and turn the boat. It's SOTBAO (Sit On Top Bad Ass Outfitting)!
  • Did I mention that the coupe has 5 beverage holders?
  • Take the Deuce to the beach. Drop the skeg and tour along the shore or to a good break. As far as surfing goes, put your best stern draw / rudder stroke in the water, and you will be able to surf this thing till the sun goes down. 13 foot of boat will allow you to catch waves that whitewater kayakers and short board surfers could only dream of getting on. Plus, if you steal a surfers' wave and they get mad, you will have 5 drinks and a cooler on board.You'll make some new friends guaranteed.


  • Since the Deuce is 13 feet long, it may take some finesse to get it down a low volume, narrow creek. The upside to 13 feet of boat, its that it generates tons of hull speed which will get you through sticky water features that may hang up shorter/slower kayaks and rec boats. If it's a smaller boat that you need, get the Coupe.
  • The Deluxe DVC Seating System is hella expensive, but worth every penny. If you can afford it, get it. If not, LL makes a DVC seat that is more basic for a lot less $$$. It's still comfy, but does not have as much support.
  • If you are a big person and are buying the Deuce Coupe as a solo, keep in mind that it is a big boat to carry. Fortunately, LL is making a wheel that attaches to the rudder area. This will make it easy to drag.

The Verdict:

The Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe is a very unique water craft. It is one part white water boat, one part recreational sit on top, and one part barcalounger. One of the best features of the boat is the drop skeg. The combination of a rudder and whitewater hybrid hull design allows the Deuce Coupe to be paddled in almost any body of water, ranging from oceans, rivers and ponds, to swimming pools. At 13 feet long, the Coupe can be paddled as either a solo or tandem;perfect for the active family looking for ONE boat to satisfy everyone's needs. 5 cup holder's ain't bad either.

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