Training and Traveling

The past few weeks have been full on training time. Mike and I have been living in friends drive ways, Outfitter shops, and Walmart parking lots that are conveniently located to awesome river features. Since our trailer has been covered with logos we are not incognito anymore.

My training over the last few weeks has consisted of wor

king on my weakest tricks and spending time repeatedly practicing them. Another aspect of my training has been running sprints and down river sprints. The Nantahala river has been a great location for me to train on the 8 mile class 2+ river for my down river sprints. Most of my freestyle kayak training has been at Rock Island TN, Ocoee River, TN, and Eternity hole, NC. The weather has been great for traveling and training.

This weekend is our first major competitive event. With a ton of competitors coming this weekend to the Nantahala Shootout in NC. At the moment they are working on the river feature with heavy machinery in the river rearranging rocks to make a world class feature. This is the location for the 2012 World Cup Event and 2013 World’s Event. They are clearing the river of all the machinery and we get to test it out for a few hours today and hope that it is a great feature. The of what I will be competing on this weekend has got me pumped. During our tour I have paddled almost all the features a few times so this should be interesting to see how the week unfolds.

The Nantahala Shootout this weekend will be full of fun with Freestyle Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding events and free demos.

Check back next week for a full report of all the excitement from this weekend.

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