Upper and Lower Box, November eye candy
It seems that winter has forgotten all about us here in the Southwest. So while the snow seems to be stuck over the Pacific Northwest, we at least have been able to get some Summer time boating done in November. 60-70 degree days in the middle of November? Lets go boating. Thought I would share some eye candy from the last couple weeks. Enjoy. Atom.. Ed Hellhole Atom Hellhole Atom Long rapid same same same Steve Long rapid Steve Pleasure Plunge Runnout Alex buried below Pleasure Leo Pleasure Plunge The great calm Lost Stark Moon boat. Someone left it on shore? Anyone know whose it is? Ed Big Aresnic Scouting big A NM driving scenery My beautiful lady and our dogs at the Lower box putin Bighorn on the box Powerline lunch break Calm Michael lunch Michael Powerline Coming in hot Leo slotting it Leo Old school C-1 Paul on the Pleasure Plunge Seems like the Upper always gets at least one. Thanks to all you guys that came out these last couple of warm weeks. It has been a blast. Atom... Even though the weather has been warm, the water is still in the shrinkage zone. Dress as if it "is winter".

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