Wave Sport Fuse 48 – 56 – 64 Review

WaveSport Fuse Whitewater kayak Review

It seems like most action sports have made the transition into the world of freeride (hybrid) gear development. All mountain skis, snowboards and mountain bikes have been gaining popularity because they appeal to more than one market. You can float over your secret powder stash in the morning, and then lay the heelside down and carve up the corduroy like it was Land O' Lakes butter in the afternoon.....All on the same ski's or snowboard. Whitewater kayaking is following in these footsteps, and the Wave Sport Fuse is a great example. It's got enough slice, pop and looseness to satisfy the best play boaters, and is forgiving and stable enough to navigate it's way down technically challenging rapids. Beginner and advanced paddlers alike will be able to enjoy their time spent in the Fuse.

The Specs:

Fuse 48

Paddler Weight Range: 100–160 lbs / 45.5kg-72.6 kg Volume: 48 gal/ 181.7 L Length: 6'4"/ 195cm Width: 24.5"/ 62.3cm Cockpit: 33.5" x 19"/ 85.1cm x 48.3cm Deck Height: 12.45"/ 31.6cm Boat weight: 31 lbs/ 14.1kg

Fuse 56

Paddler Weight Range: 140–210 lbs / 63.5 kg-95.3 kg Volume: 56 gal/ 212 L Length: 6'6"/ 201.2cm Width: 25"/ 63.5cm Cockpit: 33.5" x 19"/ 85.1cm x 48.3cm Deck Height: 12.45"/ 31.6cm Boat weight: 33 lbs/ 14.9 kg

Fuse 64

Paddler Weight Range: 190–270 lbs / 86.2 kg-122.5 kg Volume: 64 gal/ 242.3 L Length: 7'/ 213.4 cm Width: 26"/ 66cm Cockpit: 36.25" x 20"/ 92.1cm x 50.8cm Deck Height: 13.35"/ 33.9cm Boat weight: 35 lbs/ 15.9kg


The Wave Sport Fuse series (35,48,56,64) is basically a pimped out EZG. It's got a looser hull, more volume distribution in the stern and the bow for more pop, better primary stability and the same top quality Wave Sport outfitting. The hull adjustments were most likely taken from the ultra-loose Project (play boat). This is a great thing because the Project is regarded as one of the best wave surfing boats ever. The bow of the boat has enough volume to allow freestyle paddlers to get the boat out of the water, in the right conditions. The "thicker" stern is makes the Fuse more stable downriver and less likely to get squirted unintentionally. The overall volume distribution of the Fuse is more even than the EZG. The outcome of this is a more predicable down river boating experience. The Fuse comes in 4 sizes (35,48,56,64) ranging form 35 to 64 gallons. The largest one has almost twice as much volume as the smallest. Kids, men and women, and people of all sizes and shapes will be able to find a fuse that fits them. The F.A.T outfitting will fine tune any sizing issues, giving a glove like fit.


The Fuse is 60% play boat and 40% river runner. It's not a super short,bulbous loop machine that can get 3 feet of air in any random pour over. It also is not meant to charge The Narrows of the Green at 200% (for the average paddler at least). If you want to park it all day at the play hole (or wave) and learn to link tricky woo's, don't buy this boat (look at the Project). The same goes for running tight, technical class V whitewater. The Fuse is a flat bottomed, planing hull boat that subs more than a creek boat would. It lands flat in big pour overs / waterfalls, gets pinned easier than a true river runner or creek boat and does not have enough volume to store a lot of rescue or overnight gear.

The Verdict:

Not everyone has the luxury of owning multiple whitewater kayaks for varying river types. If you could only have one boat to stuff into your economically challenged quiver (because your AIG 401K is not getting the ROI that you had hoped), the Wave Sport Fuse would be a wise choice. It's also a great option for winter boating. If your flying to somewhere warm and precipitous for a few weeks this December, and can only bring one boat on the plane, the Fuse will get the job done...In style. It can confidently eddy hop it's way down lush Costa Rican whitewater, get some air at the local play hole, and still keep you nice and comfy.

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