What Paddlers are Saying About the Dagger Code

Have you heard about the latest boat from Dagger? Read what other paddlers are saying about the Dagger Code and how it compares to other whitewater kayaks available today.

Paddler Reviews

It is the easiest creek boat I've ever paddled. The edges are there but really tucked away. They can tell you are on edge, and then they respond. They offer a softer response than something like a Scorch, but the Code's edges definitely do their job. Dagger did it perfect job on the stern, it never catches.

–Brandon B.

Dagger Code Whitewater Kayak

 This is it...if you're a Dagger fan you will love this boat. 

–Scott W.

Model Comparison

Dagger Code vs Dagger Mamba + Dagger Nomad

The Dagger Code has all the predictable forgiveness of a Nomad, with the performance of the Mamba.

The Code whitewater kayak edges like a Mamba - allowing the kayaker to have control and stay on the line. 


Dagger Code vs Dagger Mamba Comparison
Dagger Code (top) vs. Dagger Mamba (bottom)

The primary difference between these two boats is the Code has a high bow rocker that will keep you on top of features. It will boof and does not get buried in holes. The Dagger Code's stern shape and rocker accelerate paddlers out of boils

The Nomad, however, does boof a bit better than the Code. Where the Dagger Code triumphs over the Dagger Nomad? The Code actually has distinct edges so you can stay on track and not wander or get pushed around by cross currents.

All in  all- the Code offers the best of what the Nomad and Mamba has to offer. 

For...a beginner boater...or someone wanting to get out of a Mamba, [the Code] will be fine. Still easy to roll and still forgiving. It just won't be as much fun if you want to do bow enders! It will also perform way better and give you more confidence in boofing and running bigger holes. For someone coming from a  Nomad, [the Dagger Code] has way more performance without sacrificing stability. It tracks better, cuts into eddies better, and the rocker gets you up and over features better.

–Scott W

Dagger Code vs Dagger Rewind

Additionally, the Dagger Code has some similarities to a Dagger Rewind - specifically, the rocker profile. The most noticeable difference between these two whitewater kayaks is that the Rewind has a slicier stern, making the Rewind a much more playful boat. 

The volume distribution on the Code is massive. It's a 100 gallon boat, but it doesn't feel like one. 

Dagger Code vs Dagger Rewind Comparison
Dagger Code (top) vs Dagger Rewind (bottom)


What else is Great about the Dagger Code Whitewater Kayak?

  • Code is huge, but won't feel like it when you are paddling it
  • Bow stays up and dry
  • Can carry some solid speed
  • Those who love Dagger outfitting, really love Dagger outfitting

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