Packing and planning for a Grand Canyon trip can be exhausting. 

One of the most overlooked pieces of gear to bring on a Grand Canyon river trip are gloves. Your hands are often the most exposed body part on the river, and your paws can easily get destroyed if you do not cover or take care of them properly.

On the River

Hydroskin is easy to put on and take off, even when wet! These gloves from NRS can prevent dreaded blisters if you plan on paddling or rowing for a long while. They'll also keep your fingers warm and also act as a barrier against wind.

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If your Grand Canyon trip is happening during the colder months, CKS Online recommends a thicker neoprene glove, like the Kokatat Kozee Glove or Level Six Proton Glove.

If you are a kayaker, we highly recommend investing in pogies. Some people dig pogies, others do not – but remember: the water coming out of the dam is approximately 46 degrees Farhenheit. 

Off the River

We suggest bringing extra gloves. A heavy duty utility glove (ideally waterproofed with Snoseal) is great for rigging and de-rigging boats. While this may seem a bit unnecessary, but remember that putting things on a boat means you’ll eventually take it off. It’s a constant on the river, and constantly adjusting and readjusting wet, sandy cam straps can wreck your paws.

Once camp is established, you may be assigned dish pit duties. River runners use bleach to help disinfect cookware and utensils, and bleach can really dry out your hands. Don’t risk ruining all the hard work you’ve put in protecting your meat hooks by letting them soak in bleach for an hour -  bring rubber gloves!

Pro Tip

Bring a pair or two of cheap (yet warm, especially during the winter) gloves to sleep in. This may sound crazy but we promise it works: lather up your hands with bag balm or another heavy duty moisturizer, slip your fists into your gloves, and rest those pretty eyes of yours. We promise you’ll wake up with hands as soft and supple as a baby’s bottom.

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