World Cup Mission Part 2: Prague
After 3 flights and 45 minutes of sleep, Nadia Almuti and I finally arrive in Prague. Jakub, the Czech paddler assigned to shuttle us back to the kayak course, fortunately is easy to spot as he stands in the crowd wearing Wavesport apparel. But, our luggage is not as easy to find. Even the airport employees can not figure out where in the world it might be located. Awesome. They promise to call Jakub as soon as they find anything out. Fortunately Nadia and my carry on backpacks are filled solely with practical items; only yarn. Yet again, awesome. Atleast Jakub is friendly and on the drive to the course teaches us important Czech words including thanks, stripper, and beer.
Tired of watching other people playboat while I was sitting there wondering if my kayak would even arrive, Nadia and I decided to explore the surrounding area. Unable to decipher Czech, it is unclear what we found, but it certainly was incredible. Day 2 without a kayak. I think this monkey sums up about how I felt. I'll spare you the rest of the animal pictures I took, but if you ever happen to be in Prague, make sure you check out the zoo, which is one of the top 10 in the world. And, if you are caught wondering like Emily Jackson 'What keeps the bats in the bat exhibit,' just linger a moment longer and you will realize they are flying by your head, lurking in the shadows, and there are probably more in the hallway then in the actual exhibit.
8pm on day 2 our luggage finally arrives!!!
Yes, that is a table with a self-serving beer tap.
Mikael Ekstrom proudly showing table 14's movement to 3rd place in the restaurant's beer tally. Table 14, which featured Team Sweden, Nadia, Adrienne Levknecht, and myself never made it to the top 10 in the overall city rankings though.
Nadia's pointing the way to the whitewater park.
Notice everything is wet.
It rained... a lot!
Here is a view of the playspot in the slalom course where the event was held. The course is a concrete channel separated from the main part of the river. Holes and waves are created by tires and concrete and the eddies are significantly less friendly than the play features in Colorado.
Clay Wright judging with Nadia his scribe. I wish I knew what they just saw.
It is 8am. Time for K1 women's prelims.
Here I am practicing my exit move taught to me by Sweden's Erik Westberg.
Clearly I do not know how to play the guitar.
Glenwood, Colorado local Michael Palmer showing off his McNasty.
Eric Jackson
Buena Vista's Dustin Urban doing something sick.
Results from the Colorado Crew
Michael Palmer - 4th K1 JM
Dustin Urban - 5th K1 M
Jed Selby - 20th K1 M
Nicole Mansfield - 13th K1 W
"3 Girls and 2 Kayaks need a ride to Germany. Will pay gas and beer."
Hopefully we find a way to Augsburg that does not involve a $300 train ticket.

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