World Cup Mission Part 3: Augsburg, Germany
Well, 'Three Girls and two kayaks' found a lift to the next event in Augsburg. Despite being significantly less comfortable than a train ride, it was a lot more enjoyable. After loading 3 American girls, a Swede, a hilarious Brit, and a 6-pack of pink Bitter Shock for Women (Czech energy drink) into the car pictured below we were low-riding our way to Deutschland.
Thanks for the ride Pringles! And, no, the car is NOT larger than it appears.
Unfortunately, Pringles was arrested by the German police for illegally driving Adriene over the border without a passport. (She left it in her bag, which was in the Swedish Team's van). Fortunately, after sitting off the side of the autobahn for over an hour, Adriene was only fined 20 euros and the handcuffs were only a joke and a funny picture.
No swimming?
Thankfully there was a Rescue Team at the German event so no one would die if they did happen to swim. Diving into the shallow concrete course with sneakers, a wetsuit, and no helmets, I am surprised that a kayaker did not have to rescue a paralyzed rescue team. But, they did provide a sense of security when playboating in the hole?
LP surfing Augsburg's feature, which was a fun and fast hole. This spot was a lot of fun to play in, but waiting in line clinging to the concrete walls was not quite as enjoyable.
Dustin Urban going HUGE!
Team Berghoura (consisting of Pringles, the Swedish Team, and the 3 American girls) killing it in the cardboard boat race.
Overall Results for the Colorado Crew: 1st - Dustin Urban K1M 16th - Jed Selby K1M 3rd - Michael Palmer K1JM 19th - Nicole Mansfield K1W 1st - Nadia Almuti and Nicole Mansfield's taping skills, which helped lead the Swedish cardboard boat to victory!

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