AIRE Thwart for Whitewater Rafts

Size: Cub
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The AIRE Thwart for Whitewater Rafts is a unique design in keeping with the rest of AIRE's boat construction techniques. While most thwarts for whitewater rafts feature connection points at either end, either through a pin or batten system that secures them to the boat, AIRE Thwarts strap into your floor lacing or bail ports to create support for the boat while allowing the outer tube to flex in strong hydraulics. AIRE Thwarts come in Gray only and include four 3' AIRE cam straps.

Note: AIRE Thwarts are sized to fit each model of boat exactly. Choose very carefully depending on your exact boat model.

Pro Tip

Another advantage to this system is that you can dial in your thwart placement to your exact liking, rather than being confined to where thwart attachment points are pre-installed on the raft tubes.

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